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Sep 5, 2017

This Heinz ad owes so much to 'Up', you'll expect someone to die at the end

Seriously, is Pixar getting a creative credit on this?

You know what they say: If you're going to copy, make sure you copy from the smartest kid in class.

The backstory sequence in Pixar's Up is certainly among the most masterful five-minute montages ever put on film—it makes Ad Nut tear up every time, anyway. So why wouldn't a smart company (and agency) emulate it for the purposes of selling tins of beans? 

Yes, yes, Ad Nut knows it's not technically plagiarism. Of course. It's an homage.

And gosh darnit if it doesn't work. Of course it does! But doesn't it also make you feel a bit...sad?

Ad Nut is not sure what agency worked on the film, but will update here if possible.

Update: It's from Y&R New Zealand.

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