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Feb 27, 2017

The truth is, this is a good ad

The New York Times gets to the point in a simple and powerful way.

Ad Nut is of course a firm believer in free and unfettered expression, including freedom of the press. More importantly, Ad Nut believes in reality—objective truth that we can, with effort, discover and use to guide our public (and personal) policies.

This belief is more than can be said about some people, including certain elected leaders. Which is why this campaign launched by The New York Times is so stirring. Ad Nut appreciates the message, and also likes that the form matches the message: The truth is unvarnished, plain and available to all who want it. Here's hoping more will decide to seek it out. 

We also have some evidence that this campaign is proving effective, because the American Whiner in Chief felt the need to tweet about it.

Which led to this response.

Please note also that in this case, the truth is that the NYT is not in any way "failing". In fact, the executive editor this weekend said: “Trump is the best thing to happen to the Times’ subscription strategy. Every time he tweets it drives subscriptions wildly.”

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