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Dec 15, 2020

Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Leo Burnett discourage alcohol gifting

Alcohol may not be the perfect gift for those you care about. Also, delayed punchline ads may not be the perfect way to make an impact.

For years, Ad Nut knew exactly what to gift to friends on any occasion. Why, nuts of course! Who wouldn't love nuts?

Then, as Ad Nut's social circle began broadening out to be more diverse and inclusive beyond the squirrel community, the gift giving became a bit more complex. Turns out, many humans, especially young ones, aren't as nuts about nuts as Ad Nut. In fact, they're allergic, and nuts put their health in danger. So Ad Nut has started to be a bit more careful with the gift selections.

Which brings us to the latest ad from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, with a very similar message about alcohol. You may love it—but it's not the best gift for their health, especially if they have medical conditions or an addiction problem. 

A worthy message, yes, and it's one the Foundation has been presenting for years. Perhaps to spice it up and make it interesting, the folks at Leo Burnett opted to present the message in the form of what seems to be a comic spy thriller set in a lift.  

Spoiler alert: At this point you may wish to view the above film yourself if you want to experience any potential suspense or art of surprise, but you likely already know the gag.

A diverse bunch of company employees are spying on their boss and hold a secret meeting in the lift to explain their findings. There are enjoyable witty bits and humour to enjoy. The upshot seems to be that their boss, who is a dead ringer for Colonel Sanders, is stressed-out. 

We realise the spying is done to figure out what to get a stressed-out boss. Perhaps if Ad Nut thought about it, booze should come to mind. But distracted by the comedy, it does not.

Then we learn the boss is not actually stressed out. Finally, the message arrives at the end: don't give alcohol. And Ad Nut is left perplexed.

We're told alcohol is not the perfect gift, but it's not clear why. Has the boss eaten too much fried chicken and his arteries are clogged so alcohol would raise his blood pressure? Does he have an addiction? If he actually was stressed, would that have made a difference? We don't get the full sense of why it would be a bad idea.

Nor do we get any suggestions for what a better alternative is. The gift is a big generic red box. One supposes to suggest anything but alcohol. 

Hopefully viewers here recognise the thought behind the ad is what counts, since the storyline and execution leaves Ad Nut bewildered.


Campaign Name:  A thoughtful gift
Title:  Lift
Client:  Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Creative Agency:  The Leo Burnett Group Thailand
Chief Creative Officer:  Sompat Trisadikun
Executive Creative Director:  Nateepat Jaturonrasmi
Creative Group Head:  Termsiri Pornsricharoenkul
Copywriter:  Apichat Napattanakij, Anin Sriurairatana, Panrutai Amattayakul
Art Director:  Marut Suktalordcheep, Pawadd Thanapirom, Sompat Trisadikun
Account Management Director:  Tida Vibulvanich
Account Director:  Kanitta Chartpong
Agency Producer:  Sarawut Lertkittipaporn
Production Company:  Mum films
Film Director:  Suthon Petchsuwan
Assistant Director:  Chairat Piriyawattanakul
D.O.P:  Teerawat Thitikornwanich
2nd AC:  Natchanon Mahitapong
Producer:  Phatcharin Tarnpornsree
Editor:  Dechmongkol Prasertsit
Colorlist:  Pat Aphipongcharoen
Online Artist:  Noppadol Sriviriya
Sound Production Company:  Sound Space Studio

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