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Nov 30, 2018

Libresse tries to educate dudes with 'Men-struation' campaign

A musclebound bro makes the manly argument that guys should know more about women's periods.

It seems like just two days ago that Ad Nut was writing about an envelope-pushing European campaign for Libresse, and musing that the brand probably couldn't run the work, which featured a great many objects meant to resemble female genitals, in its main APAC market, Malaysia. Actually, it was exactly two days ago: see "'Viva la vulva' campaign embraces anatomical diversity".

So imagine Ad Nut's surprise when a Libresse campaign from Malaysia came to Ad Nut's old oak tree this morning. The 'Men-struation' campaign, by BBDO Malaysia, aims to educate men about what women go through during their periods. The logic, according to a media release, is that making men more understanding will make the topic less of a taboo and create a more supportive environment for women, thus increasing their affinity with the brand.

So although it's far more tame than that UK campaign (which was arguing against genital cosmetic surgery) it's activist as well, albeit in a way more suited to the local market. Both campaigns are putting forward a body-positive point of view and pressing for more acceptance among and/or for the brand's target buyers. 

Nice. Ad Nut likes it when there's evidence of a coherent strategy, and even more so when it's being adjusted to local realities.

Here's some more videos from the campaign:

Random comment: Ad Nut is not sure the oil-change analogy works. Car engines don't have the capability of spawning tiny new car engines every month, as far as Ad Nut knows. 

Random comment: To the bro in the "sullen" t-shirt: The fact that you apparently keep getting stuff thrown at you says a lot more about you than about your girlfriend. Get it together, dude. 


"The BBDO team that brought the film to life includes Lay Jian Yi, Lila Talitha, Niamh Spurr, Hugo Pacheco, Janice Chai, Zyra Khirudin, Hadi Muslim, and Kenny Ng. The film was produced by ASTATICA."

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