Nikki Wicks
Dec 17, 2014

Lenovo taps into selfie movement with global holiday initiative

Computer firm Lenovo is tapping into the selfie movement in an attempt to engage fans and create the ‘world’s first global 360° selfie’.

Client: Lenovo

Agency: We Are Social

Market: Global

Campaign scope: In an attempt to drive deeper levels of engagement and collaboration with its social community, Lenovo has launched a video-focused social media campaign inviting fans to capture the festive spirit in their town or city. Using the hashtag #Holiday360, people around the world have been tasked with creating and sharing a ‘360° selfie video’. Collecting all the selfies from its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, Lenovo will then curate the content into one complete video to create the ‘world’s first global 360° selfie’.


Press release quote: Rod Strother, Director, Lenovo: “This campaign is globally accessible, taps into current online behaviours and fits perfectly with Lenovo’s brand identity. We’ve found that our community enjoy sharing their own content with us, and as such, campaigns like this where fans are empowered and can express their creativity generate high levels of participation and engagement.” 

Campaign comments: 2014 has been another winning year for the selfie movement, and it seems fitting to be writing about a selfie-driven campaign as the year comes to a close. According to Twitter, ‘selfie’ received 92 million mentions among its 284 million active users in 2014, a 500 per cent increase over 2013.

We’ve written about the selfie culture extensively throughout the year, as more and more brands look to leverage the phenomenon in their campaigns. And with such a massive amount of selfie content being created, who can blame them? But with huge popularity in the trend also comes the challenge, how do you cut through and engage audiences to take part? Lenovo’s #Holiday360 has a nice hook for its campaign, tapping specifically into the holiday season. It’s targeted but also open enough for fans to create their own interpretations for the selfie. Offering people the chance to be part of the ‘world’s first global 360° selfie’ is surely the ultimate ‘Like’ in a culture of likes and shares.



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