Matthew Miller
Mar 30, 2015

'Juke by you' car-decal contest draws 13,000 entries

JAPAN - Nissan and TBWA/Hakuhodo have created an online film to celebrate the winner of a decal-design contest that drew thousands of people to create their own visual designs for the Nissan Juke.

Client: Nissan

Agency: TBWA/Hakuhodo

Market: Japan

Campaign scope: An online contest called 'Juke by you', which invited consumers to design a set of decals for the Nissan Juke using an online tool.

Details: The contest received more than 13,000 entries. Kyoto resident Masashi Sugimoto won with a design based on Kumadori, the traditional stage makeup of Kabuki. The brand applied Sugimoto's design to a car, revealed it at a Tokyo press event and produced the above film to show it off.

Press release quote: "Nissan Juke is equipped with customizable side door mirrors and center console, and ‘Juke by you’, created by TBWA\Hakuhodo, expanded on this customization concept to envision a new era in which people can casually design and customize their own cars, with the same ease and simplicity as changing their mobile-phone cases."

Campaign Asia Pacific's comments: The winning design is great, but what really stands out is the gallery website, where you could easily spend hours perusing the 360-degree views of every submitted design. Our only complaint is that full customisation of vehicles is not yet a reality. One day our children will look back on today's limited selection of car colours the same way we laugh at Henry Ford's supposed statement that you could have the Model T in any color you wanted, so long as it was black. 

Previously: The same brand and agency allowed a Star Wars stormtrooper to break out of the same old black-and-white routine and delivered pizzas to some extreme locations.


Project: ‘JUKE by YOU’
Creative Agency: TBWA\HAKUHODO
Executive Creative Director: Miki Matsui
Creative Director: Takahiro Hosoda
Art Director: Takuya Ozaki
Copywriter: Nobuhiro Arai
Account Director: Satoshi Suzuki
Account Supervisor: Masakazu Kobayashi
Account Executive: Ryosuke Ohata
Movie Producer: Hirotaka Fukatsu
Interactive Producer: Kazuoki Uedo

Web Production: BIRDMAN
Art Director: Junya Hoshikawa
Designer: Junya Hoshikawa, Erika Otsuka, Gabriel Shiguemoto
Director: Takuro Ito
Technical Director: Tomoya Takahashi (orunica)
CG Designer: Yuya Murata
Developer: Tomoya Takahashi (orunica), Takanori Kawai
System: Kousei Motoyoshi
Sound: Yuuki Ono (WONDROUS)
Web Movie Director: Shingo Ab (Freelance)
Web Movie Producer: Shujiro Ishizawa (EPOCH)
Web Producer: Kazunori Mizobuchi (PYRAMIDFILM QUADRA)
Production Manager: Takuma Hiraoka (PYRAMIDFILM QUADRA)

Movie Production: AOI Pro.Inc.
Director: Takayuki Niwa (SPIRITS Inc.)
Director: Ryota Ishi (SPIRITS Inc.)
Assistant Director: Norihito Segawa (SPIRITS Inc.)
Producer: Hisashi Nakamura
Production Manager: Taizo Hiratani
Production Manager: Hiroki Tamate
360 MOVIE Director: Akimasa Kodama (Netin)
360 MOVIE Photographer: Kazuhiro Kageyama (Netin)


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