Feb 24, 2021

Designing purposeful platforms for a more human future

SPIKES ASIA X CAMPAIGN: R/GA and Unilever explain what is a 'purpose platform' and what is not, how to find an 'active purpose' that is true and authentic, and why purposeful brand building is essential for long-term sales growth.

This session was broadcast during Spikes Asia X Campaign at 4:10 pm on February 24, 2021.

A recent McKinsey study suggests the element of ‘Purpose’ being the most accelerated shift in the new normal. With a new ruling class emerging in the wake of a widespread pandemic and racial and societal issues, consumers have high expectations from businesses to take a stand on current issues and effect real change.

While there is an increasing importance of attracting this generation’s young, ‘woke’ audience, many brands and marketers fear the repercussions of taking a stance and acting according to a ‘purpose platform’. With only a handful of businesses able to prove ROI or commercial uptake, purposeful branding has been relegated to a secondary priority for most. It is time for businesses of every kind to embrace a bigger responsibility for creating a better future—not only because it’s right but because it’s also profitable. R/GA and Unilever share how they have been inventing new ways for brands to live out their purpose and play a bigger role in people’s lives, and ultimately, create a more human future that’s needed now more than ever.

  • What's a 'purpose platform' and what's not?
  • How do brands find an 'active purpose' that is true and authentic?
  • Why purposeful brand building is essential for long-term sales growth
  • How to create connections and interactions in the midst of increasing isolation and distance
  • How to create a more human future by making engagement between businesses, brands & people easier, more meaningful & rewarding


  • Felix Rompis, Executive Client Services Director Singapore, R/GA
  • Ang Shi Yan, Global Brand Manager, Unilever

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