Spikes Asia X Campaign: Live coverage

Spikes Asia X Campaign has ended

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Spikes Asia X Campaign (February 22 through 25, 2021). Thanks also to all our participants and sponsors. Please enjoy the highlights reel just below, and scroll down to see all the coverage of Spikes Asia X Campaign by Campaign Asia-Pacific's editors, plus an archive of on-demand videos of all of the sessions. 

Kraft Heinz CMO: Ecommerce 'a hit to profitability'

As ecommerce retailers undercut each other with discounts, brands' profit margins are becoming squeezed.

Dentsu's 'brave new normal' creative trends for 2021

Dentsu McGarrybowen global president Merlee Jayme spots five key creative trends for an increasingly virtual and socially distanced world.

Mark Read's WPP growth plan includes greater focus on Asia and agency integration

In a wide-ranging interview at Spikes Asia X Campaign, the WPP boss discusses the future structure of the network, talks about the challenge of losing talent to tech platforms, and of course, is quizzed about Sir Martin Sorrell.


Purpose, laughs, and boppable tunes: Spikes jury members assess this year's entries

Presidents and members of several Spikes Asia juries share the top trends they spotted in the jury Zoom rooms, with video examples.

Lessons from Tesla, Apple and yoga (yes, yoga) in making sustainability cool

Creatives need to drive relevance for sustainable options, instead of virtue-signalling about sustainability, argues Gulshan Singh of FCB Interface.

MediaCom's Josh Gallagher on the challenges creatives face with ecommerce

Creativity has been sidelined as media teams have found new ways to get results, even as this red-hot sector has has seduced creative marketers into thinking in the short term only.

Channeling pandemic headwinds into effective marketing tailwinds

CMOs and marketing consultants say the pandemic has brought much needed agility, experimentation and digital thinking to the creative process.

'The next wave of transformation is going to be creative'

As more and more brands finish up their digital transformations, tech capabilities will be less of a differentiating factor. In turn, according to Wunderman Thompson's Justin Peyton, the game will be about commercial creativity.

Interest in brand purpose heightened during pandemic and social unrest

As consumers seek stability in their lives, they are gravitating toward brands and companies that can provide not just instant gratification with their products and services, but also longer-term value in their lives.

Asia is highly creative, so why is it behind on the global awards stage?

Creative leaders talk about the implications of culture, language and the way creativity is perceived next to widely accepted Eurocentric ideals.

The Lion's Share wants advertisers to pay animals a commission

Animals are used in 20% of the world's ads but are at risk, according to sustainability initiative, which wants brands to take responsibility to protect their future.

Marketers risk losing their credibility and seat at the table: Mastercard CMO

Dozens of new technologies are disrupting the art of marketing in unprecedented ways, bringing about an inflection point where some will adapt, and some will not, Raja Rajamannar told attendees at Spikes Asia X Campaign.

Four lessons from Warc on post-pandemic creativity

From the acceptance of lo-fi content to growing interest in nostalgia, here's how to keep your campaigns relevant in this challenging time, according to Warc's Ed Pank.

The secret to better brand collaborations with artists

Warner Music’s brand partnerships lead and singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono look at how to create win-win scenarios for brands and artists.


Here are your 2021 Spikes Asia Awards winners

Find out who won 293 gold, silver and bronze awards across 23 categories.

Tangrams Strategy and Effectiveness award winners for 2021 revealed

Mindshare and The Monkeys scoop up the most metal, with BMF taking the sole platinum.

Spikes Asia Awards 2021: Campaign's contenders 3

As the juries make their final selections ahead of the March 1 winners announcement, Campaign Asia-Pacific's editorial team has once again scoured through the 2021 shortlist to pick out the work we expect to win.

Spikes Asia Awards 2021: Campaign's contenders 2

As the juries make their final selections ahead of the March 1 winners announcement, Campaign Asia-Pacific's editorial team has once again scoured through the 2021 shortlist to pick out the work we expect to win.

Spikes Asia Awards 2021: Campaign's contenders

As the juries make their final selections ahead of the March 1 winners announcement, Campaign Asia-Pacific's editorial team has scoured through the 2021 shortlist to pick out the work we expect to win.

See the Spikes Asia and Tangrams shortlists

The shortlists for the five streams in the Tangrams Strategy and Effectiveness Awards and the 24 categories in the Spikes Asia Awards have been released. All the Tangrams winners, plus the gold, silver and bronze Spikes winners, will be announced on March 1. The winners of the Spikes Grands Prix awards and special awards will be announced on March 4, along with the release of the Spikes Asia Creativity Report.

Young Spikes winners revealed

Young Spikes Integrated Competition:

'Extinction date' packaging design wins gold at Young Spikes integrated competition
Creative duo behind sustainability proposal discuss their creative process and what they've learnt from four years of Young Spikes competitions.

Young Spikes Film Competition:

'Here today, gone tomorrow' wins Young Spikes film gold
Chiemi Manako, copywriter with Dentsu, and Hirotaka Endoh, director with Jamboree, tell us about their gold-winning film about overfishing.

Creativity is key to driving sustainable living

Active consumer demand for sustainable living is lagging regulations and technology, and this is an opportunity for the creative business to make a real, positive impact.

Greater precision and effectiveness with AI

Embark on a journey to discover and push the boundaries of alternative applications of AI in connecting the trinity of the brand, the media and the creative to propel marketing effectiveness.

China's media dystopia

A panel from Mindshare imagines the various potential fates of media in the world’s most advanced digital market, China, based on the emerging technologies and changing consumer trends we see today.

Upcycling creative content: Making the most out of the least

Business and creative experts explores a leaner, meaner, more cost-efficient, and more agile creative methodology.

Turning chaos into clarity

Daniela Bogoricin, Director of Twitter Next APAC, walks us through a selection of the best campaigns on Twitter across the region in 2020, and explores what made them stand out.

Up-skill it to kill it

In this roundtable, award-winning Ogilvy creatives share their tips on how to stay fresh and relevant.

Spikes Asia: Inside the jury room

Four jury members share nine trends from this year's entries, along with video examples and insights into what makes great work great.

Creative in a crisis

There can be significant benefit brands that engage during tough times with authenticity and stay true to their values—but there are also risks, as you'll hear in this session led by TripAdvisor's David Vu.

Designing purposeful platforms for a more human future

R/GA's Felix Rompis and Unilever's Ang Shi Yan explain what is a 'purpose platform' and what is not, how to find an 'active purpose' that is true and authentic, and why purposeful brand building is essential for long-term sales growth.

Will e-commerce kill creativity?

When marketplace-only search becomes the primary method of access, you will only get ‘one-shot’ at brand preference. MediaCom's Josh Gallagher talks about creating magic in conversion moments.

Economics of culture

Hear directly from Singapore Tourism Board and Manulife about how to identify and interrogate a wide variety of datasets—looking for signals that can indicate potential opportunities.

Evolving strategies for the new path to purchase

Shifting consumer behaviour in the last 12 months has meant marketers everywhere have had to re-strategise and accelerate digital transformation. Which 'new normal' consumer trends are here to stay?

Brave new normal: Creative trends for 2021

Merlee Jayme, global president of Dentsu Mcgarrybowen, shares insights from her global career and from 'Brave New Normal', Dentsu’s creative trends report, to review 2020 and make predictions for 2021.


Engaging the consumers of tomorrow

What are brands doing to engage audiences today? How have their strategies changed, and what can we expect to see from brands as the world continues to define the new normal.

Getting creative with sustainable production

New technology and innovation empower us to transform the way TV commercials are shot to be more sustainable. James Suh of DDB Korea, along with a technology expert and an entertainment-industry producer, showcase 3D, real-time virtual sets.

Predicting and delivering creative effectiveness

Following the launch of Kantar's Creative Effectiveness Awards, Irene Joshy, the company's regional creative domain lead, share key insights based on human and machine learning that could inspire creative work in the coming years.

Storytelling at scale

Building a brand at scale while retaining its depth is often a challenge. This session looks at how to achieve that goal using effective storytelling. 

How CMOs can claim their voice in the boardroom

With 70% of transformation projects failing to deliver the desired impact, marketers must reclaim the technology agenda by demonstrating how it can unlock a new age of creative success, according to Wunderman Thompson's Justin Peyton.

The CMO Panel: Let's talk effectiveness

Leading marketing chiefs talk candidly about what they’re doing to ensure campaigns are having the desired effect and their plans for the future.

Words matter: Using voice for purpose

Singaporean singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono and Warner Music Asia's Becky Yeung share how artists want to lend their voice to brands that are communicating messages that matter.

Mark Read interview and Q&A

WPP's CEO Mark Read speaks with Spikes and Campaign's Atifa Silk about the structure of the WPP network, agency integration and more.

Can brands save the world?

The Lion's Share Fund co-founder Christopher Nelius explains the magic behind the concept of asking brands to donate when they use animals in their marketing.

Global CMO keynote: Mastercard's Raja Rajamannar on quantum marketing

Mastercard's global CMO discusses the new frontier, where classical rules of marketing no longer apply.

Post-pandemic creativity: Recover, rebuild and renew

Leveraging insights from WARC's Toolkit for 2021 and Asia Strategy Report, this session provides guidance and best practice on how to build back better.

APAC on the world stage

APAC is now in a strong position to effectively lead the world in creativity. So what needs to happen to reverse the recent decline in creativity as measured by Cannes Lions for instance, and for the region to truly show up on the world stage?