Data-driving event design is huge in China this year: Freeman

China ECD Kestrel Lee on how data collection is a driving force for the physical elements of event design.

Kestrel Lee, executive creative director, China, Freeman, says that data is the all-important factor in event design in China, and he expects it to be “big” this year.

He said: “Data allows us to know things like how many people registered, which part of the booth or product they spend the most time in, create heat maps, and allow us to push certain offers, and to get them to leave certain information behind.

“The design is more than just a physical environment, the design is cutting into a virtual environment because it’s being integrated with data management, collection, and analytics.”

He also advices brands on not jumping into AI “straight off the bat”. According to him, it’s important to have a decent pool of data to draw lines of algorithm and logic before considering going down the AI route three or four years later.

“The good thing about China, when it comes to data, it’s something that people are used to. They know they’re being tracked, and they’re okay with how the data is being used,” he said.


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