May 18, 2020

Sex sells... or does it? The changing rules of sex in advertising

As attitudes to sex and gender continue to evolve rapidly, driving the nature of the overarching narrative in very different directions, the old adage may not be as clear-cut as it once was.

Apr 17, 2019

Pornhub unveils new genre of 'pollinator porn' to help save bees

Adult entertainment website wants to preserve bee fornication to help planet survive.

Jul 17, 2018

If sex sells, why are many marketers shy of using it well?

It's 2018, but social conditioning means sex is still taboo. Brands won't touch the subject, which experts say could be a massively missed opportunity.

Sep 17, 2015

Sexual initiative in India: A new kind of female agency

Mili Sethia of Flamingo India examines a new ad campaign that presents a modern vision of what's sexy: women who decisively act on their desire.

Jul 2, 2013

CASE STUDY: How Viagra got on top of sexual taboos in China

Erectile dysfunction (ED), a common sexual problem suffered by men, is an awkward topic, especially in China where the topic of sex, let alone impotence, is rarely discussed openly.

Jul 26, 2012

BBH interns create LinkedIn profile for sex worker to raise awareness

SINGAPORE - To drive home the indignities suffered by women in Singapore's illegal sex trade, four interns at BBH have chosen to highlight their plight on professional network LinkedIn.