Aug 18, 2021

Pakistan flour brand pledges to take on child hunger

A well-produced film starring actor Fahad Mustafa announces the brand's effort to "eradicate" malnutrition, in a campaign by Adcom Zenith Pakistan.

Apr 30, 2021

Should marketing or CSR own the purpose agenda?

Is it marketing departments or executives working in corporate social responsibility that should control purposeful messaging?

Jan 22, 2021

Five takeaways for brands in 2021 from Google's year in search report

From a renewed focus on CSR to enhanced interest in D&I, the tech giant's study offers insights for marketers tapping changing social currents.

Jan 5, 2021

CSR is more than just a yearly affair

With the right CSR strategy, a business can develop charity partnerships that not only check the ‘feel-good’ boxes for their employees, but also, more importantly, provide real value to charities.

Sep 10, 2020

Brands in Asia more than doubled influencer CSR campaigns from March

Influencer marketing has become a popular channel for brands in Asia during Covid, with strategy swinging from product and events to branding and cause campaigns, a new report finds.

Sep 3, 2020

The coin that says 'Donate me to a good cause'

The brainchild of Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne and Australia's official mint, the 'Donation dollar' is a very real coin that's 'made to make a difference'.