Nov 16, 2022

UK brands and marketers take a stand on climate disinformation

Group urges social network CEOs to crack down on content and ads making ‘deceptive statements’.

Oct 20, 2022

HSBC greenwashing ad ban is example to other banks, UK ad watchdog warns

Ads promoting green projects must not mislead on banks’ overall climate impact.

Jul 14, 2022

Media industry's pollution equivalent to aviation, study finds

TOP OF THE CHARTS: The internet represents at least 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions—on par with the aviation industry—and contributes to the media industry’s overall emissions. 

Feb 22, 2022

PR under fire for 'greenwashing'

A new report has slammed ‘Big Oil’ for being all talk and not enough action, and concludes that “accusations of greenwashing appear well-founded”.

Dec 12, 2021

Why Iris had its climate takeover 'censored' by media owners

A cohort of organisations with a focus on COP26 was left disappointed when an event takeover, devised by Iris, was 'censored' by media owners at transport hubs.

Nov 16, 2021

Facing outside pressure, Edelman launches initiative to focus on ESG

In a coordinated campaign, celebrities and influencers have been urging the world’s largest PR firm to stop working with fossil fuel companies. The firm has named Martin Whittaker, CEO of Just Capital, as senior adviser and head of Edelman Impact.