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May 16, 2019

Penguin invites readers to get lost in a book

Print and bus-shelter campaign by Cheil Worldwide features gorgeous evocations of classic stories.

After being a bit critical of Cheil the other day, Ad Nut is happy to have the chance to point to some beautiful work from the agency: A gorgeous bus-shelter and print campaign for the book publisher Penguin in Hong Kong. Cheil's Hong Kong and Beijing offices both worked on the campaign.

As a lover of reading, Ad Nut appreciates the simple invitation to 'Lose yourself in a book', and the illustrations evoke the promise of adventure inherent in that premise.

Ad Nut invites you to lose yourself for a few minutes in these larger versions: Alice, Charlie, Dracula, Gatsby and Monkey.

Apropos of nothing in particular, Ad Nut notes that ad campaigns with 1) large, sumptuous illustrations, 2) conspicuously small logos (so small one has a hard time believing any self-respecting brand would accept them) and 3) suspiciously modest media buys have a tendency to show up during award-bait season. Such campaigns can be a good way to win awards, as Cheil itself proved the other night. But this one appears to be within the rules. And it's lovely. And reading is good. So Ad Nut is going to shut up now.


Creative Directors Paul Chan, Wei Xu, Lili Jiang, Ivan Au
Art Directors Ivan Au, Tengtao Yuan, Zhengsong Qi, Changming Yang
Copywriters Paul Chan, Wei Xu, Lili Jiang,Yuhan Zhao, Agnes Ho
Account Director Nancy Nan
Agency Producer Denise Chan
Illustrators Alan Wong, Lulu Chen, Kuri Huang, Junli Hu 


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