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Oct 10, 2022

Women to Watch 2022: Human Lam, Assembly

Lam contributes to more than half of her company’s business growth, shapes the business in activation and consultancy, and defines the agency culture.

Women to Watch 2022: Human Lam, Assembly
Celebrating outstanding talent in marcomms

Human Lam

Business director
Hong Kong 

Human Lam has been fascinated by the agency world ever since a visit during her college years to a 4A agency. The fast-paced and high-intensity nature of the industry inspires her challenger’s heart. She led countless innovative projects by working with brands such as Watson’s, Lenovo, IBM, Google and Estée Lauder.

Lam took over the agency’s first consultancy project in Hong Kong with Klook by designing a bespoke in-house media infrastructure and delivering a hybrid of consultancy and activation solutions. The project led to expanding one of Assembly APAC's core offerings—consultancy services.

From omnichannel marketing to SEO, Lam achieved high-profile new wins, including Clarins, Ralph Lauren, Estée Lauder, Steelcase, DFS, Loewe, and so on, and contributed 52% of year-on-year growth for the Hong Kong office in 2021. Working with Estée Lauder, one of Assembly’s top clients in Hong Kong, she started with a single-channel management project and expanded it into a regional, full-funnel brand and performance strategic partnership across 12 brands and several markets.

Lam not only cares about clients but infuses her team with a client-centric mentality, winning a solid level of trust and confidence, especially during the tough times of the pandemic. She maintained an 80% client retention rate in 2021. Tiffany Cheung, agency development manager at Google Hong Kong, was impressed by her remarkable achievements, and also praised her innovative and challenging spirit. “She inspires me to see new opportunities that I didn’t think were possible and motivates me to push beyond the status quo,” says Cheung.

Lam is not just an inspiration for clients, she is also a driving force behind the strong cohesion of the Hong Kong office. Committed to creating a transparent and open environment, she is building a stronger sense of belonging and trust by sharing updates on new client pipelines, performance results and ambitions in monthly townhalls.

Outside the company, Lam was a key member of the Google Partner Academy in a previous role and led the development of Google's online training programmes for digital marketers. Lam started her marketing career over 10 years ago at Ogilvy, joined Assembly in 2019, got promoted twice over the past three years, and became business director and a member of Assembly Hong Kong’s senior management team in 2021.

Celebrating outstanding talent in marcomms


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