Lizi Hamer
Mar 13, 2014

Wearables, robotics and privacy: SXSW

A brief dispatch from Austin.

Lizi Hamer
Lizi Hamer

This years SXSW had three major themes and a couple of quivers. Wearables, robotics and privacy. Closely followed by healthcare apps, gamification and anonymous social.

Wearable tech is led with headbands that monitor emotions and analyse individuals needs. But the prediction and conversation of wearable's continued into the universe of galvanic senses. A hot topic in the world of Healthcare. The latest apps and healthcare development allow new layers of data to monitor every moment.

The furthest thing from brilliant healthcare tech is surely anonymous connections. We see a new rise in social apps connecting strangers; Secret, Whisper and Confide.

Privacy was a hot topic on many speakers lips, including Snowden. However the privacy issues in the USA have such different attitudes in comparison to Asia. SXSW once again lacked Asian topics. Very few, far and between sessions looked at the region in any depth.

Tara Hirebet gave a brilliant talk on trends, identifying how we can learn from Megacities and showcased to date innovations. Grace Clapham and Bernise Ang spoke on Asia, women and innovation. A composed piece with in depth research, but lacking the audience.

The trade show felt exciting with Kickstarter projects capturing more talk than most. However it was the Oculus Rift experience at the Game of Thrones exhibition that really blew my socks off. Pushing the barriers of multi sensors to new levels alongside the beautifully deep story of GoT.

There seems to be further crossover into the world of film, interactive and storytelling. But to hear those secretes you'll have to come find me. 

Lizi Hamer, is storyteller at SapientNitro Singapore


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