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Dec 17, 2020

Twitter Top 10: Gulps, chimes and popping lids

Distinctive sounds played a role in a number of the most effective APAC video ads on Twitter in November, including work from Sprite, Minute Maid, Foodpanda, Nestle and more.

Twitter Top 10: Gulps, chimes and popping lids

The Twitter Top 10 is a monthly list, curated by Twitter, of the video ads with the strongest creative effectiveness from across Asia-Pacific. The ranking considers several signals, such as video length, feed-stopping power and content stickiness, to surface the video ads that are resonating the most with people. #BestofTwitterAds.

F&B was a big theme across November’s well-performing video ads, followed by technology, financial services and entertainment—interesting to note as we approach year end and festivities while still social-distancing. Spending time with loved ones was a common storyline. For example: One Plus Indonesia brought friends together to play games, grandma shared her pearls of wisdom for Krungsri First Choice in Thailand, and Club Mahindra in India supported family getaways.

Sound played a stronger role in this month’s videos, providing emphasis on product qualities. For example, note the gulp of Sprite Waterlymon, a cheeky chime to accompany Foodpanda Malaysia's winks, and the popping lid of Nestle Ice Cream.

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