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Aug 9, 2019

Spreads get mite-y fighty over the Ashes

Australia's Vegemite catches wind of Marmite handing out free jars at the cricket; responds with full page ad in Britain's The Mirror newspaper.

Spreads get mite-y fighty over the Ashes

Ad Nut loves the tone of forced politeness running through this campaign by Australia's Vegemite, a counter-punch to the efforts of its rival, British Marmite, which has been handing out free jars of the salty spread at the Ashes to prove that it tastes better than the Down Under version. 

The veiled aggression, so appropriate for a debate around the civilised topics of cricket and afternoon tea spreads, has all the flavour of an Oscar Wilde drama.  

"We found Marmite's behaviour to be a little untoward," writes Matt Grey, Vegemite spokesperson in Australia, in the press release, framed as a letter 'to Australia', that was sent out at the same time the brand's ad appeared in the sports section of Britain's The Mirror yesterday. "It's just not cricket to give away Marmite at the cricket." 

Ad Nut is a neutral creature, of course, the Switzerland of squirrels when it comes to taking sides based on nationality. But fair play to Vegemite and their agency Thinkerbell for this massive, punchy response to a relatively small opening swing on Marmite's side, and the snarky last line of their letter in which they promise "not to mention Brexit in any press release". Ad Nut must also give credit, however, to the delicious pun Marmite chose to adorn its free jars with: 'Marmy Army'. Tasty.

The game is on. There's a long summer of cricket left to play: are we in for another McDonald's v. Burger King ad-off tournament? Marvellous. Someone please bring Ad Nut some tea to go with Ad Nut's nicely neutral marmalade sandwiches — and best of luck to all in the Ashes. 

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