Babar Khan Javed
Jun 19, 2017

Redlab launches influencer marketing platform for Thailand

Redlab claims Tellscore is the country's first automated platform for brands to contract with micro influencers.

Suvita Charanwong
Suvita Charanwong

Last week, the co-founders of Redlab launched Tellscore, Thailand's first automated platform for brands to meet micro influencers.

Thus far, the platform has helped amplify campaigns for dairy brand Dutchmill and Wacoal.

With campaign success measured through impression-oriented metrics such as visibility and engagements, the platform remains at the top of the buyer decision funnel, building sentiment and recall with comments, shares, participation and likes.

"Tellscore disrupts the usual relationship between buyer (marketer) and micro-influencers," said co-founder Suvita Charanwong, adding that, "prior to this, buyers could not identify nor get a hold of an influencer of this tier at all, and now with platforms such as Tellscore, buyers can reach out to them and at the ease of a mouse click."

She further added that Tellscore Filtering System allows potential buyers to pick an influencer per their parameters that include the number of followers, the level of visibility per post, engagement rates on posts, and the influencer's rate card.

A built-in campaign management tool allows buyers "to manage their influencer campaign with ease," Charanwong said. "With time and performance at the core, automated trigger events drive hired influencers to accept, create content and publish content in a time-controlled environment while the system automatically crawls to collect statistics and proceed to reporting."

The founders have invested THB 50 million (about US$1.5 million) into the platform and expect to facilitate 30 million consumer impressions by the end of 2017.

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