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May 14, 2019

Macao Government Tourism Office partners National Geographic for a green food campaign

Glistening Portuguese tarts, freshly steamed dumplings, sizzling curry hair crab…The Great Green Food Journey campaign wants to make viewers salivate.

National Geographic partners Macao Government Tourism Board for a green campaign
National Geographic partners Macao Government Tourism Board for a green campaign

Tourism and gastronomy have always gone hand-in-hand. Hungry travellers jet off to Thailand for tangy green curry, hop over to Vienna to sample its famous chocolate torte, and swing down to South Africa for farm-fresh meat and wines.

And yet, today, those who travel are looking for a different kind of dining experience. Increasingly conscientious about making green, eco-friendly choices in their own day-to-day lives, the modern tourist now wants to explore more impactful and sustainable gastronomy when they go abroad.

Macao is one travel destination that’s leading the way in creative, sustainable food. To show green travelers the wealth of things they can see and eat while in town, Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has teamed up with National Geographic for a new campaign, The Great Green Food Journey.

The Great Green Food Journey campaign highlights how Macao is doing its part for sustainable gastronomy, and how visitors to Macao can experience the city’s unique fusion dining and forward-thinking green cuisine.
The content hub comprises inventive videos, editorial features, educational opportunities and more.

This campaign highlights how Macao is doing its part for sustainable gastronomy, and how visitors to Macao can experience the city’s unique fusion dining and forward-thinking green cuisine. It is also a fantastic example of the power of collaboration. By working with National Geographic, the MGTO has been able to make its sustainable gastronomy promotion bigger and bolder – attracting more people to visit, and helping to make a larger impact on the planet.

The Great Green Food Journey leverages the power and reach of National Geographic’s global media platforms and creative production talent to promote Macao's status as a new member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of gastronomy. Working hand-in-hand with the Macao Government Tourism Office, National Geographic helped produce inventive videos, editorial features, educational opportunities and more, showing the world how Macao is leading the charge to a more sustainable, creative food industry for Asia.

The content includes cinematic vignettes, using the production prowess of the National Geographic team to bring Macao’s green cuisine story to life. The films explore various facets of sustainable gastronomy across the vast culinary landscape of the city, from ecological food preparation practices passed from generation to generation, to small-scale farming that keeps ingredients fresh and local, to comprehensive recycling and waste-reduction programs for Macao hotels and restaurants.

National Geographic also used its media platform to create and publish editorial partner content with MGTO. A feature travel article on The Great Green Food Journey introduces the publication’s millions of readers to the heritage of Macao’s iconic fusion fare, and demonstrates what eco-minded travelers can discover in Macau's culinary scene. 

What’s more, the MGTO leveraged National Geographic’s leading scientific and educational minds to support its sustainable gastronomy campaign. At the 7th Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo in April 2019, National Geographic was invited to join an educational session exploring how Macao is leading a shift towards a more sustainable and creative food industry across Asia.

Con Apostolopoulos, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific & Middle East, National Geographic Partners, says of the partnership, “For National Geographic, the MGTO’s theme of sustainable tourism is very close to our heart. Increasingly, our audience of adventure seekers want to learn about impactful tourism experiences. They want to not only see the world, but also get in touch with it. They want to get closer to the issues that matter most, such as the environmental impact of how we eat.”

Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director, Macao Government Tourism Office, adds, “The Great Green Food Journey is inventive, impactful and inspiring. Working with National Geographic has enabled us to share the story of Macao’s unique and sustainable gastronomy with even more potential visitors to our great city. This partnership shows the amazing things that are possible when content collaboration is done right!”

When tourism bodies like the MGTO and leading content platforms like National Geographic work together, they can win attention from the new generation of travelers who want to experience something fresh and locally relevant.The Great Green Food Journey captures Macao’s sustainable food culture through the lens of National Geographic, with videos, articles and socially conscious stories, inspiring sustainable, creative eating and showing the world why Macao is a place to enjoy an enriching travel experience.


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