Oliver McAteer
Jun 1, 2020

Life and WhatsApp blend seamlessly in new spot from AlmapBBDO

Behind-the-scenes footage shows how the idea was concepted and shot remotely and while social-distancing.

Life and WhatsApp blend seamlessly in new spot from AlmapBBDO

The puzzle. The half-eaten toast lurking on some surface all day. That fleeting morning moment when the sun streams in and illuminates your room perfectly. 

All isolation fixtures for many of us. 

You can add WhatsApp to that list, too. The messaging app, part of Facebook, is reminding everyone how seamlessly it blends into our everyday lives with a new spot from AlmapBBDO out of Brazil.

"This is not only a script based on a true story," said AlmapBBDO’s creative director Pedro Corbett. "It’s a script that sprang out of a premise: What we could film these days without resembling an amateur production.

"We focused on stories of people alone at their homes and that didn't call for much elaborate production, only relying on what was already there to make the movie as realistic as possible. Although the production budget was not big, the quality has been the best possible. It is surprising how the hardest times can bring out the best solutions."

The new campaign, "It’s Between You," celebrates the way people have come to use the app to nurture the connection with friends and relatives during social-distancing.

It follows a small ritual between mother and daughter who share daily images of rays of sunshine from their respective windows.

The actresses starring in the film live in the same house as members of the production team, The directors, the Fridman Sisters from Stink, filmed their own mother while the director of photography, Pierre de Kerchove, asked his wife to play the daughter. 

Crew collaborated remotely over—yes—WhatsApp.

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