Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
Jan 13, 2016

LeTV drops 'TV': Brand revamp signals global ambitions

BEIJING - LeTV has officially rebranded to LeEco, with the four-stroke design in its new logo representing a four-tier "ecological system" of platforms, content, devices and applications.

LeTV drops 'TV': Brand revamp signals global ambitions

LeEco is essentially a "holding brand" for all the sub-brands under the company in different fields of music, sports, smart gadgets, electric cars, cloud computing, internet finance, video production and distribution. 

A top-level domain name,, has been activated that will automatically redirect to to be more "international-friendly" and "user-centred".

Among the reasons LeTV has dropped "TV" from its brand name, the company said it has "completely outgrown" its online-video beginnings since 2004, becoming an integrated ecosystem that now online video is only a part of.

This means the company's eyes are no longer just on the domestic market, according to Ablikim Ablimit (pictured below), Le Holdings' vice president of strategic planning and management. The company plans to compete with global Fortune 500 giants by making "disruptive changes on the global scale".

"LeTV was our starting point, but our future is LeEco," he said. "We will create a more beautiful eco-world with new value for our users".

Ablimit also added that in 2016, the company's main strategy is globalisation to the United States and India, which have "huge potential of breakthroughs in innovation". In August 2014, its Asia-Pacific headquarters was set up in Hong Kong.

LeTV was listed on 12 August 2010 at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the industry's only video-related IPO at that time. Le Holdings now comprise a number of subsidiaries, including, Le Vision Pictures, Le Holdings, Le Finance and Le Mobile. 



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