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Jun 23, 2021

KFC remains unapologetic about its bunless chicken 'sandwiches'

The brand doubles and triples down on decadence in a new campaign from The Secret Little Agency.

KFC remains unapologetic about its bunless chicken 'sandwiches'

Purveyors of fast food (sorry, 'quick-serve restaurateurs') know that a key to the industry's success is persuading people to give themselves permission to eat something that they know they probably shouldn't.

KFC's breadless offerings, the 'Double-Down' and 'Triple Down', are probably the world's most extreme examples of this. They are foodstuffs (Ad Nut cannot in good conscience call them 'sandwiches', and 'dishes' also doesn't seem right) that have been designed specifically to encourage people to give common sense the day off and make a decadent exception to their normal eating habits.

So it's only appropriate that a campaign about these chicken-in-place-of-bread comestibles would lean into the indulgence angle. And lean into The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) has, for a new campaign launching today in Singapore.   

In a series of short videos for social and digital channels, the #SorryNotSorry campaign promotes the release of the KFC Cheesy Zinger Double Down and Triple Down (which KFC calls 'burgers', by the way).

The player below will cycle through the campaign's four short clips: 'Sorry buns', ‘Sorry Diets’, ‘Sorry Veggies’ and ‘Less Talk, More Meat’:

Juliana Lim, senior director, marketing and food innovation, KFC Singapore:

At KFC, we’re unafraid to push the needle and to go beyond the expectation of our fans. It is important for us as a brand to walk the walk and bring to the table new, refreshing and tasty offerings that bring to life our commitment for finger licking good food.

Min Ng, general manager, TSLA:

We wanted fans to feel empowered to say #SorryNotSorry to the things that stop them from living their lives unabashedly.

We are blessed with one of the most famous slogans in the world: Finger lickin’ good. But in our new brand world, ‘Finger lickin’ good’ is a feeling. It’s a feeling of release, of finally being freed from the weight of expectation, for just being goddamn delicious. It's expressed in everything we do now. Think dripping sauces, melting cheese, fallen crumbs. Fresh, messy, and inviting. It ties together every campaign we have created throughout the year and in fact it's what Singapore remembers most about KFC.”

If you're in Singapore and you're moved by all of the above, Ad Nut must inform you have only a limited time to achieve the promised guilty pleasure of the "newly upgraded" KFC Cheesy Zinger Triple Down; it's only available for 10 days, starting tomorrow. (Although you could always buy two Double Downs and make yourself a triple plus a piece of chicken on the side, or, hey, a quad. Or you could buy three doubles and reassemble them into two triples. Go nuts! 

Anyway, Ad Nut heartily and hungrily approves of the fun tone of this campaign.

Ad Nut also approves of occasional unapologetic indulgence. Ad Nut's 'sorry not sorry' moments usually involve leaving no cashews for anyone else and writing silly headlines, cringeworthy puns and lengthy tangents.

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