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Jul 9, 2015

Iope 'proves' you can make your face shiny even while weightless

From Korea: 'Extreme test! Makeup in zero gravity challenge' for Iope by Innored

Iope 'proves' you can make your face shiny even while weightless

According to the agency, this video—which purports to show a woman using Iope's Air Cushion product aboard an aircraft that's descending quickly to create weightless conditions—demonstrates the makeup product's ease of use. Ad Nut would have been willing to accept that it's easy to rub the cushion on one's face without the elaborate simulation (which is clearly not an actual flight*). But the video has nearly 3 million views in less than two weeks, so apparently people enjoy it.

Apparently people also enjoy having their face be supernaturally shiny. (Clearly, Ad Nut has not been swept up in the Korean Wave.) 

* Ad Nut has now confirmed that for safety reasons the film was shot kung-fu-style: in a studio environment using wires.


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