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Feb 1, 2024

In a dog-eat-dog world, a Hong Kong campaign woofs for equality

Love knows no pedigree, it’s time humans caught up with that fact.

In a dog-eat-dog world, a Hong Kong campaign woofs for equality

Ad Nut’s aversion to canine companions, domesticated—or murderous beasts, is a tale as old as the oak trees, and one that is within the confines of reasonable explanation. You see, dogs can while away their time sniffing garbage or smelling other dogs' butts and licking themselves clean—without a fear in the world about being mauled to shreds. That’s a worry reserved only for innocent woodland creatures like Ad Nut. Nevertheless, Ad Nut is putting this deep-seated aversion aside to sink its teeth into the “A Dog Is A Dog, A Cat Is A Cat” campaign by The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Hong Kong (SPCA). For the uninitiated, SPCA is Hong Kong’s largest independent animal welfare charity, tirelessly working to enhance animal welfare, manage shelters, and carry out affordable de-sexing for strays.

This OOH campaign throws some well-deserved shade on the notion that purebreds are the epitome of affection, while mutts are the second-class citizens of the pet world. It’s a pro bono effort from Dentsu Hong Kong. According to SPCA, pet owners in Hong Kong have an unhealthy obsession with young, small, and pedigreed pets. Some even follow social media trends for specific breeds and would opt for a high demand, pricey pet than a lovable mutt-in-need. Animal adoption rates in the SAR are plummeting and at an all-time low and shelters are struggling with capacity issues. More than 400 dogs and cats are housed across SPCA’s adoption centres alone, waiting to be adopted and a majority of them are, you guessed it, mongrels.

Breeds don’t define an animal’s capacity to love and to be loved. Ad Nut fails to understand why humans need a campaign to remind them the obvious: A tail wag, is a tail wag, is a tail wag, no matter the lineage. The abyss of human ignorance over breed obsession and the inability to scan beyond a glossy veneer is appalling, even for a jungle-dwelling creature like Ad Nut.

The OOH campaign launched in January 2024. spans a variety of print, outdoor and digital advertisements and is getting generous support from various advertising partners in Hong Kong. It’s placed at key locations such as Tsuen Wan’s Citywalk Mall, the Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai, among others.

SPCA Wan Chai Centre, Hong Kong

At the Citywalk Mall, Hong Kong

“In Hong Kong, pet ownership is often about the image rather than companionship. A purebred trophy to show off rather than a best friend to grow old with. With ‘A Dog Is A Dog, A Cat Is A Cat’, we want potential pet owners to get away from ‘love at first sight’ and instead choose pets that are completely unique in their own way and just as loveable. As a team of pet lovers, we’re rooting for the ‘underdog’ mongrels who are still looking for their forever homes,” said Ken Lo, creative director of Dentsu.

Fiona Cumming, executive director of the SPCA, added, “We hope people will always support the 'Adopt, Don't Shop' initiative when selecting a pet. We are immensely grateful for the support of Dentsu in our latest campaign, which aims to inspire potential pet owners to consider these equally lovable animals when welcoming a member into their families.”

Ad Nut reluctantly moved, concedes that perhaps humans need a bit of schooling in the love department. And in a rare moment of sincerity, gives a paw of approval to this work by the good folks at Dentsu Hong Kong.

Love isn’t love if it is measured by pedigree or the fluffiness of the tail, after all.  

PS: This campaign aside, Ad Nut struggles to understand the inexplicable affection humans hold for dogs and cats. Each time Ad Nut watches city folks walk their pets and pick their poo, it can’t help but wonder who is really in charge?

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