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Jul 21, 2021

Immedia launches Contrend martech platform

The artificial-intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) powered platform aims to give users insights on how content-marketing campaigns are landing with audiences.

Peter Bakker, CEO and partner, Immedia
Peter Bakker, CEO and partner, Immedia
Singapore and Australia-based content-marketing agency Immedia has launched martech platform Contrend. The artificial-intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) powered platform gives users insights on how content-marketing campaigns are landing with audiences.
Contrend—the name combines the words ‘content’ and ‘trend’—was originally developed by Immedia as Immediate. Contrend was developed as a new iteration after the R&D team discovered opportunities to develop the platform beyond what was originally set out. Increased levels of automation and unassisted learning were introduced to improve insights and accessibility.
New capabilities include:
  • The ability to go beyond standard insights into text-based content because of its NLP (natural language processing) capabilities with audio, image and video formats.
  • New ways for users to interrogate content data: Users can explore data insights through searching by topic, style and format preferences instead of queries around specific, predictable keywords like brand names, for instance.
  • Image recognition and computer vision applied to identify content trends across text, video, audio and images.
  • The ability to cross-reference company data: Organisations do not need to integrate their systems but have the option of cross-referencing industry insights against their own in-house primary data or website analytic tools
  • Avoiding any third-party cookies or tracking when finding engagement insights.
“We cannot approach content strategy without the right technology lens because life is complicated,
so naturally, our data footprint will be complicated too," said Peter Bakker, CEO and partner of Immedia. "Contrend is the first platform to address this pain point by interrogating content data in ways it never has before to go beyond a simplistic snapshot of an individual’s social shadow." 
The traditional approach to content strategy relies on social media and SEO data to understand
audience interests. Such strategies miss out on insights about how video, audio, layout or
use of imagery impacts content strategy, according to the company. The firm claims that companies like Hilton Hotels, Standard Chartered Bank and KPMG have already used the platform. 

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