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Apr 27, 2022

Imagine an immersive VR experience… in your gut

An activation for Kellogg’s by TBWA’s Eleven takes users into the metaverse. Except that Web3 is in your gut.

Imagine an immersive VR experience… in your gut

Kellogg’s, the maker of many popular processed foods, wanted to educate Australians on the importance of fibre in gut health. So, as one does, it created an interactive VR experience inside the human gut. Created by TBWA’s Eleven in partnership with in-house production arm Bolt and game design firm Nakatomi, the experience literally delved deep into the anatomy of a gut.

In the experience, the gut was designed to emulate a coral reef, one where trillions of organisms demand for nutrients to thrive in this slimy, dark ecosystem. Players emulate the role of a diver and plunge into the human gut armed with Kellogg’s cereal as ‘immunity’ or ‘ammunition’ against poor gut health. A QR code to access the game has been plastered onto every Kellogg’s cereal box in Autralia.

Ad Nut thinks this campaign is an unexpected take from the brand insight that 50% of Australians experience gut health problems each year and two-thirds of Aussies are still not meeting their daily recommended intake of fibre. Ad Nut need not consume processed cereal for good health as Ad Nut’s diet is inherently fibre-rich. Nevertheless, Ad Nut has a good gut feeling about this campaign.


Dan Bitti – Senior Marketing Manager – Breakfast Gina Levy – Senior Nutrition Manager
Katrina Villamor – Senior Brand Manager
Felicha Carey – Brand Manager
Kavita Desai – Senior Brand Manager

Creative and PR: TBWA Eleven
Game Design and Development: Nakatomi
Production: Bolt

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