Adrian Peter Tse
Oct 3, 2014

Humuson launches in HK to offer "content-driven" push services to Asia

HONG KONG – Earlier this week, Humuson International opened its APAC headquarters in Hong Kong with first major client,, a Chinese online-to-offline shopping platform.

Humuson's "multimedia push messages" in action

Riding on the wave of mobile penetration sweeping Asia, Humuson brings 16-years of experience delivering marketing technology in South Korea with plans to use Hong Kong as a base for expansion in Asia.

According to Humuson’s report, the company has 90 per cent market share for mobile push and 70 per cent for email marketing in South Korea. Humuson International's regional CEO, Joon Ho Yoon, said the company’s services have evolved to offer “omnichannel campaign services”.

The company differentiates itself through the details of its offerings such as content-driven multimedia push messages, as opposed to regular push messages, which according to Joon, have “high click rates” and links back to a one-page view tracking system that combines email, push and SMS.

“This allows marketers to track who and when users engage the content and optimize their campaign through a straightforward interface,” said Joon.

Notable clients include Ebay, Samsung, and Lotte among others.

“We’ve hired a lot of talent from the APAC region to give our operations strong localised advantages,” said Joon. The aim is to combine this with the company’s background in the Korean market.

As a technology-led marketing and consulting firm, Humuson’s competitors are mainly software as a service (Saas) companies. However, client demands have pushed Humuson to offer services such as “strategy consulting, creative and design”. 

“In the past we were frustrated that we couldn’t meet some client needs,” said Joon. “But now we have a robust platform that is ready to deliver.”

Humuson also has offices in Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Seattle and Sydney.

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