Emily Tan
Sep 24, 2014

Best of #SpikesAsia: Day 2

SINGAPORE - Judging by the activity on Twitter, Day 1 of Spikes was a blast involving bright blue cocktails, Casey Neistat and Casey Neistat's tuxedo. Now flex your thumbs because the Best Of #SpikesAsia Day 2 is just beginning.

Best of #SpikesAsia: Day 2

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Looking at the speaker schedule today, the morning kicks off with Havas' Yannick Bollore answering questions on Effective Brand Communication. Attendees also have a talk by  R/GA's Barry Wacksman on Transformation to look forward to and Lowe Profero's Wayne Arnold and DFS' Winnie Park chatting about micro-innovations in Asia-Pacific.

Now get hashtagging, we're eager to entertained.  

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In the interest of research, I looked up the story as performed by the author Michael Rosen
I still don't see the similarities and now I'm effing terrified


In the words of comedian Sheng Wang: "Why do people say 'grow some balls'? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. 
Those things can take a pounding.” 

Well that's torn it. Why would I want to work there now? 


Proof that spammers are the living dead

Something tells me it's getting a bit crowded at #SpikesAsia


But really what would this industry be like without Buzzwords? (Mute)

And here's the trending naughty word of the day


George Burns once said: "If you live to be one hundred, you've got it made.
Very few people die past that age."



The same has been said about first dates

Mind. Blown. 


This is what a 90s youth in Malaysia does to you. #scarred


Or how will the brand target me at the precise moment I'm flossing to send a location-directed drone to my window with a coupon for more floss? Duh. 


So if you can think like a woman, you're gold. (Good luck)


Someone needs an audit

And it's NOT because were 'dippy'!

@mohitjo #SpikesAsia women are like tea bags ...

And here they thought it was for the authenticity of buying it where it's made. Bubble. Burst. 

Because "the consumer is not a moron, she's your wife"? #sarcasm
@mohitjo #SpikesAsia most of the purchase being done by women then why so many men are producing these ads. #StrangeStatistics pic.twitter.com/Y5qpaFD02E

We can't wait

I see your content right there and I'm with you, girlfriend


Yeah! You gotta fight! For your right! (TO PARTAY)

@biefsantos If ideas are no longer up for debate, all creativity is lost. #SpikesAsia


And here I thought it'd be fruit cocktail flavoured with a hint of nuts

Look out, @SpikesAsia! I'm on the 'creative juice'! #SpikesAsia


Me! Me! Feed me? Please? *rattles chains*

Sound advice. But first, let's start by orchestrating what's for lunch. Who's in? #SpikesAsia #ogilvyspikes

Yes, Back to the Future references are also wins. #geeklove 

@vinyarb Adspace on the underside of your hoverboard

So diabolical. So geeky. Me likey!

@AvtarRamSingh Fun prank: Search
I am gutted. GUTTED. That there is no picture accompanying this Tweet.
@jyesmith Never seen so many man-buns outside of Brooklyn #spikesasia

At last, we have an answer!

Now that's what I'm talking about
@HavasCafeSIN “The only thing I'm going to be deep-diving into is a double mojito.” #SpikesAsia #nevertooearly

No OmNomNom?

Also known as the rarest of women (in this funny but admittedly chauvinistic video)

@nikkiwicks A very fast walk around #SpikesAsia Festival of Creativity!!!! #spikesasia #campaignasia #hyperlapse… http://instagram.com/p/tT4-byDVBE/


I'm guessing this is from Yannick Bollore's talk. Juuuust a guess. 

We rebranded to a unified Havas because we didnt want to spend the 1st 10 mins of every client meeting explaining who we were. #SpikesAsia


Okay a legit reference to Game of Thrones = a post here


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