Emily Tan
Sep 26, 2014

Best of #SpikesAsia: Day 4

SINGAPORE - We've reached the last day of Spikes Asia 2014, so down that coffee and gird your loins for the final stretch of seminars, talks, quips, awkward networking and the stray honest opinion. Oh, and awards!

Best of #SpikesAsia: Day 4

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Yesterday's just-a-picture-of-a shiny trophy went to the Ogilvy Asia-Pacific team represented by @SocialOgilvy and @OgilvyDo for a pretty awesome start to the day, coming up with 'word-of-mouth sauce' and being kind to our lonely and forever alone @SpikesAsia guy. 

You can relive their past glory here 

Today's lineup, besides the awards you've all been waiting for, features talks by the jury presidents, including Droga5's Ted Royer, Isobar's Jean Lin and Stefan Seigmeister (during which everyone is clearly hoping he'll use the words f*cking and storyteller in the same sentence). Then of course there's the awards afterparty when you can really finally cut loose and get jiggy with it, knowing that there are no early talks to sit through the next morning. 

Densu Aegis Network and MassiveMusic's #Kosumosu seems to have been (ahem) cosmically great, judging by the activity on Twitter. Check it out: 




And now the inevitable morning after when you start to recall, in the cold cold light of day, what you did last night. (We had to look it up too)
@HavasCafeSIN “I’m confident that my behaviour last night was not in any way Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.” #SpikesAsia

Perhaps this hipster-ECD disguise will help conceal the sins of the night before.
Or at least, help hide your identity from the cops. Needle in a haystack and all that.


And now some much needed advice on how to treat the people who were with you last night and who you now know aaaaaaaallll about





Happiness is also cheerful goddam arrogance

In the accounting houses: "Whaddya mean it's my turn?
It's YOUR turn to audit that crazy place"

Our brand director is now a quotivational poster!
#achievementunlocked #excites

Give this man a crown
(We've been assured that the song was sung again today, but the vid dates back to 2009)



They'll concede a half point for "storyteller"
Ba-da-bing Ba-da-boom! (For reference, he's talking about this)

The process is a lot less dodgy than it sounds....we hope


Whereas Facebook's origins are every bit as dodgy as it sounds

Perhaps everyone's in need of a fizzy caffeinated pick-me-up because there's
a sudden spurt of love for Coca-Cola's #SpikesAsia bottles

Now off you go and be good pandas


And brave like a Baozi

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