Matthew Miller
May 6, 2015

Agency invites copywriters to prove skills by 'selling' job hunters

VIETNAM - Creative agency Happiness Saigon is running a campaign that aims to help unemployed people and aspiring copywriters simultaneously.

Screenshot from 'Help the jobless' website
Screenshot from 'Help the jobless' website

Client: N/A

Agency: Happiness Saigon

Market: Vietnam

Name of campaign: 'Help the jobless'

Campaign scope: Website that connects copywriters with unemployed people who need copywriting help in order to sell themselves to potential employers. 

Press release quote: "'Help the Jobless' gives aspiring copywriters the opportunity to prove the effectiveness of their writing skills by creating standout copy that sells actual jobless people to potential employers—arguably one the toughest writing briefs possible. The best writer will win a job as a copywriter at an international advertising agency in Vietnam."

Additional details: The website has profiles of seven jobseekers, allowing copywriters to learn about their skills, personality and experience. Copywriters can use any format and attention-grabbing strategy in line with the target employers and the personality of the person. Job seekers will receive all the submissions when the contest concludes later this week.

When a job seeker selects a single winning submission, that entry will be entered into a shortlist to be judged by a panel of seven creative and media directors in Vietnam. The best 20 writers will take part in a masterclass in copywriting in Saigon on 23 May, and the writer who is judged to be top of the class will win the copywriting job.

Campaign Asia Pacific's comments: This appears to be a clever way for the agency to uncover talent while potentially doing a bit of good for the unemployed.


CEO: Alan Cerutti
Creative Director: Paul Busschau
Account Team: Nejwa Jacobs, Livia Lancelot
Concept providers: Hien Nguyen, Danh Pham
Copywriter: Ideaguru
Head of Design: Van Do
Digital producer: Stijn van Velthoven
Digital Production Company: Bliss Interactive


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