Matthew Miller
Mar 7, 2019

AdAsia touts AI upgrades to publisher platform

The company says its publisher platform, rebranded as AdAsia360, can understand user behaviour on a page to place ads that are more frequently in view.

AdAsia touts AI upgrades to publisher platform

AdAsia Holdings, the adtech provider belonging to AnyMind Group, has rebranded its platform for online publishers as AdAsia360 and released what it calls a "first wave" of new features that will make the platform "an all-encompassing assistant" to publishers.

Originally launched in 2017 as the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers, AdAsia360 helps publishers manage and track site revenue across multiple supply-side platforms (SSPs) and ad networks. Through machine learning, it helps optimize demand sources and floor prices across video, native and display advertising, according to the company.

The new features include:

  • Integration with Google Analytics: This includes support for assessing revenue-per-pageview, compared to the current standard of cost-per-impression tracking. Because users see multiple ads on a single page, this provides publishers with greater insight into the revenue gained from a single user, and the articles that contribute to higher revenue, according to the company.
  • Integration with third-party ad verification tools from Adloox and Integral Ad Science.
  • Dynamic, automatic placement of multiple in-article ads based on a user or site’s frequently viewed areas. Publisher's merely need to place a single ad tag on their page, and the system can optimize placement of multiple ads within that page.
  • Enhanced inventory overview, with ability to see both direct and programmatic inventory sales, which allows publishers to compare and identify further revenue opportunities.
AdAsia360 dashboard

According to Hitoshi Maruyama, chief strategy officer of AnyMind Group, the company's vision for AdAsia360 is to provide publishers with "an automated solution that analyzes advertising revenue, allocates inventory access, optimizes and manages demand sources and pricing, recommends content direction and strategy, and more, whilst providing maximized transparency and a safe environment for advertisers".

AdAsia Holdings said its platform currently handles 12 billion monthly impressions across 800 publishers in Asia. 

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