Bryce Whitwam
Feb 22, 2024

'A future imperative': Ben Condit of Mindshare on the AI revolution

SHANGHAI ZHAN PODCAST: A champion for its adoption in media to simplify processes and centralise operations, Mindshare China's CEO Ben Condit discusses AI's potential to set new industry standards and drive agencies towards a more data-driven and efficient future.


In a recent insightful interview on the ShanghaiZhan podcast, Ben Condit, the CEO of Mindshare China, shared his forward-thinking perspective on the indispensable role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in transforming the media landscape. Condit's vision for integrating AI into media operations underscores a strategic pivot towards efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in the industry.

Condit pointed out the necessity of leveraging AI to maintain a competitive edge and ensure the long-term viability of media operations. “We need AI," Condit emphasised. “The only way to manage China’s complexity is to streamline, automate and centralise whenever possible.”

Condit highlighted the increasing complexity and unsustainability of traditional processes, making a compelling case for the adoption of AI and machine learning technologies. “One single media placement can take up to 11 different steps,” said Condit.

Condit also shed light on the transformative potential of AI in reshaping roles within the industry. He envisions a future where AI centralises within functional roles, propelling Mindshare beyond a mere media company to become a data-driven, machine-led powerhouse. “It’s important that AI is accessible to everybody in the organisation, said Condit.  “It’s less about hiring an AI scientist or team of developers.”

In a bold prediction, Condit proclaimed, "AI is going to replace everybody who's average at whatever they do. AI will do an average job, but quite effectively and efficiently.” Condit still points to passion as a key driver for new talent in the agency business. “If you’re passionate, you’re more likely to be resilient and find ways to solve problems that come up, said Condit.

Ben Condit’s interview is available on the Shanghai Zhan podcast.  

ShanghaiZhan, hosted by industry veterans Bryce Whitwam and Ali Zein Kazmi, offers a deep dive into the intersection of marketing, advertising, technology, and platforms in China. With over 20 years of experience in China and fluency in Mandarin, the podcast hosts provide unique insights into this dynamic landscape. ShanghaiZhan is available  Apple PodcastsSpotify, GoogleAmazon MusicStitcher, and Xiao Yu Zhou. Visit for more information.

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