Chris Reed
Apr 8, 2014

A dozen words of wisdom: How marketing people inspire others

A new book by Matt Parkes looks to shed some light on marketing wisdom. Matt asked thousands of people to give advice in a dozen words and from that came an inspirational book “A Dozen Words of Wisdom”. Here are some highlights.

A dozen words of wisdom: How marketing people inspire others

“Surround yourself with brilliant people who are experts at what they do” is always sound advice. Never be afraid to employ people better than yourself.

“You can always find time to do the things you love”. Follow your passions and you will be happier in work as in life. Another good quote was “It’s only work if you don’t enjoy doing it”. Very true, most people who run their own business (like myself for example) don’t get Monday morning blues and don’t count the hours or minutes till the weekend or home time. It’s a passion.

‘Don’t be afraid to take yourself to work” is a truism about not hiding behind a work mask and showing more of your personality. Dress how you want to, be friends with those people you actually like.

“I spent 10 year saying yes and then I learnt the word no”. Saying yes to everything is never the answer but it takes a strong person to say no.

“Grab life by the balls or accept having yours in someone else’s hands” is all about confidence in yourself and your abilities and having a thirst for life or choosing to work for the boss forever. Along the same lines is “Dictate your own dreams or someone will employ you to build theirs”.

“Don’t save anything for the way back” live now, you may be on a one way ticket.

“If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t expect anyone else to”. So true. Promote yourself because no one else will.

“Believe in your gut. It’s better than any consultant you can afford”. So true and yet often ignore by so many. A similar line is “The only thing worse than a wrong decision is no decision”. Leap and something interesting may happen.

“Never stop learning, every failure has the seeds of success in it”. “If you don’t know. Ask.”

“Listen to advice but don’t think you always have to take it”. So many people listen and then do what the majority say without the conviction of going a different way. “Seek the truth not what you want to hear” is along the same lines. Sometimes the truth is the hardest fact of all.

“It’s not about me and it doesn’t matter who gets the credit”. Team work really does matter. “Make the people around you stars and they’ll shine on you”. Corny but made me smile. “People like to succeed. Allow them to and so will you”.

“Sit nearest the water cooler, talk to people and learn”. “Listen”.

“Be enthusiastic and courteous, you never know where your paths may cross again”. “Be human first and business person second”.

“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory”. Easy wins are never any good for anyone.

“Always remember to breathe” and “Remember to switch off” need I say more?

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