Ranjani Raghupathi
May 12, 2015

5 ways foodservice brands maximize social engagement

Brands from the restaurant and café industry used different strategies and marketing techniques to engage their social communities. Here is what Yellow Cab Pizza, McDonald’s and other brands from the industry did to get on top of the Engagement Meter.

5 ways foodservice brands maximize social engagement

Unmetric, a social media intelligence firm focused on brands uses its analytics platform to uncover the top performing campaigns, content and videos in the APAC region. Unmetric's Engagement Score rates each piece of content from 0 to 1000 depending on the amount of user interactions, which allows easy comparison of content regardless of the number of fans or followers a brand has. For the weekly Engagement Meter feature, Unmetric curates the list to pick the most creative, innovative or unusual initiatives. Here is a roundup of a few of the best in the period of 4 to 10 May.

1. Yellow Cab Pizza Philippines - Offers
Engagement Score – 1,000

In the Unmetric office, Fridays are pizza days. Likewise, I’m sure a large portion of the world is just looking for a reason to eat pizza. Yellow cab pizzas gave customers that extra push last week when an offer at the right time of the week brought the brand close to 4,000 Likes and engaged well above industry average.

Celebrate Friday at Yellow Cab!Enjoy 2 Regular Pizzas of YOUR CHOICE for Php560!#TwoPizzaFriday is valid for Dine-in, Take-out and Delivery.

Posted by Yellow Cab Pizza Co. on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

2. McDonald’s Philippines – Pop culture Events
Engagement Score – 1,000

The match between Mayweather and Pacquiao created major waves in the last few weeks, not least in Pacquiao’s home country, the Philippines. Much like the entire digital universe that has been taking sides, McDonald’s Philippines expressed its support for Pacquiao with this quirky post. The brand's fans definitely agreed and favorited and retweeted the post over 10,000 times.

3. McDonald’s Indonesia - Contest
Engagement Score – 1,000

Customers are always looking for that little extra something—a discount, more quantity, a freebie—a small little value-add. McDonald’s in Indonesia gave fans the chance to win a holiday on purchase of the McSpicy burger. By gamifying the opportunity as a contest and making it an exclusive prize that only a few could win, the brand garnered over 300 Retweets and close to 150 Favorites. Above this, the content also encourages fans to go to a restaurant near them and make a purchase to participate in the contest, which gives them real-time ROI as walk-ins to the restaurant.

4. Ibaco India – Real Time Marketing
Engagement Score – 1,000

Real-time marketing is making brands more and more human-like and relatable. Widely recognized since Oreo tweeted during Super Bowl 2013’s power outage, brands have been leveraging the right time to tweet the right content. Using this technique, Ibaco reminded fans to celebrate 12th grade results with ice cream cakes. By leveraging a national event that was on the mind of every Indian family with a school-going child and giving them a timely offer, Ibaco received over 10,000 Likes and was the best performing content for the week.

Celebrate exam results with IBACO ice cream cakes starting from Rs. 499. Buy an ice cream cake on May 7th and get 20% off on your next visit.

Posted by Ibaco on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

5. Mongolia Bakery Japan – Mother’s Day
Engagement Score – 869

Mother’s Day was celebrated worldwide on the 10th of May. Holidays are when retailers hit the jackpot—customers splurge on gift, cards and goodies. Mongolia Bakery used this lovely holiday to make the day of its fans extra special while also promoting themselves. The brand created exclusive and beautiful looking flower icing cupcakes for the special day. This got over 1,000 Favorites on this post.


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