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Jun 7, 2021

What could be more important than placing a 'bet with mates'?

Nothing, according to three fun movie-spoof spots from Australia's Sportsbet.

To the great amusement of certain people who shall remain nameless, Ad Nut has been known to use "mate" in the sense of "life partner" rather than in the sense of "good pal", leading to possibly misleading headlines (see "Watch blindfolded lovers identify their mates by touch").

And upon seeing a new campaign by the in-house team at Sportsbet in Australia (above), Ad Nut had to look up what it means to be "still alive in the quaddie".

Despite these potential confusions, Ad Nut found the three movie-spoof ads in this campaign enjoyable (the window above will play through all three automatically). Ad Nut especially enjoyed the first one, which is based on the excellent sci-fi film Arrival, which in turn is based on the even more excellent sci-fi novella 'Story of Your Life'. (Despite the name, Ad Nut is not only interested in ads, you know.)

The campaign, which introduces a feature on the Sportsbet app that makes it easier to bet as a group by "doing away with pesky offline organisation", also includes social-media versions of the ads for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, plus a national radio campaign, OOH and selected major press ads. It went live yesterday and will run for up to 12 months.


Client/Creative - Sportsbet
Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Migliorini
Group Manager of Marketing, Tim Hernadi
Head of Brand and Advertising, Jason Thatcher
Head of Partnerships and Content, Kathy Schokman
Head of Content Production, Dan Atkins
Creative Director, Rambo Goraya
Senior Creatives: Chris Chard, Shaun Conroy
Campaign Manager, Isaac McCallum
Campaign Manager, Olivia Ferrary
Production Partner: Palomina
Production Producer: Kate Merrin
Brand Producer: Rachel Gilkison
Director: Matt McCaughey
DOP: Ben Jasper
Production Designer: Lucinda Thompson
Editor: Michael Houlahan @ The Insititute of Post
VFX / Online: Shotbroker & ARC Edit
Flame: Eugene Richards

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