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Jan 13, 2020

Watch Apple's CNY film starring Zhou Xun

The eight-minute holiday film touches on similar themes to last year's effort, but is even more more satisfying.

Apple has released its Chinese New Year film for 2020, which looks like a big-budget production even though it was of course shot on an iPhone. Titled 'Daughter', it stars household-name actress Zhou Xun and was directed by Theodore Melfi, who got an Oscar nomination for the excellent Hidden Figures.

Last year, Apple gave us a Chinese New Year film about a bucket of eggs. And while a container of lovingly prepared food also plays a pivotal role in this year's film, the 2020 effort is even more satisfying.

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Ad Nut believes this film improves upon last year's (which Ad Nut liked fine, mind you) because it more directly confronts changing societal expectations, which adds tension that impels it toward its conclusion.

(Spoilers ahead.)

The film has a happy, three-generation reunion at its end, which is of course predictable, but it comes about in an interesting way. At the end, the filmmakers have employed the sudden-snowfall trope from It's a Wonderful Life. Because this film is a good one, that comes across as a fitting touch, unlike in certain unforgivable messes that Ad Nut could mention.

As good as 'Daughter' is, it hasn't quite managed to edge out Nike's 2020 CNY ad in Ad Nut's book. How about you?

Apple has also put out a behind-the-scenes film, which goes into detail about how the iPhone 11 Pro's features lend themselves to creating a high-quality movie, and both the director and the cinematographer, Lawrence Sher, appeared at an Apple Store in Shanghai Saturday to discuss the filming process. 

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