Matthew Miller
Apr 3, 2014

Vending machine descends to hidden party for Chilsung Cider

KOREA - A vending machine supposedly dispensing free Chilsung Cider instead 'teleported' unsuspecting young people into a party where they became the stars of red-carpet and football experiences.

Chilsung Cider, a familiar brand, sought to avoid an impression of being outdated by working with Innored to provide what the agency called a "cool, unprecedented event that provided unforgettable experience for the youth".

The 'Teleport vending machine' transported unsuspecting young people into another space where they "turned into a star" in front of a throng of paprazzi and had the opportunity to kick a winning penalty-shootout goal to the cheers of a large crowd.

The agency claims that during the five-day campaign in February, an estimated 3,000 people experienced the "star transformation" and had their "delightful reaction" captured for a promotional video (above).

Personally, we would leap quickly off a platform that began descending unannounced into the floor, so we have our questions about the extent to which this purportedly spontaneous experience was staged. The agency did not respond to a request for clarification in time for publication.*


Executive Creative Director : Min Seo
Copywriter : TJ Yun
Art Director : SM Park
AE : Minju An

* UPDATE: We stand happily corrected. Jane Lee, account executive with Innored, has provided complete answers to our questions, reproduced here in full:

Can you tell me where this machine was located? It’s a bit hard to tell from the video.

The machine was located at La Festa Square, Ilsan, Korea. It is one of the largest multiplex shopping malls in Korea where hundreds (even more on weekends) of young people visit for stores, restaurants, movies, and other entertainments. (Please find more information about this venue from their website:

Were the people just passing by, or were they invited somehow?

They were just people passing by the outdoor set we made where they lined up to experience our "teleporation."

[Editor's note: A photo provided by Innored but not for publication shows that outside the mall, a large sign and red-carpet area attracted people to line up for the experience. This explains why people would not become alarmed by the descending platform.]

3000 people in five days? Really?

Considering the average population that visits La Festa, which is hundreds a day as mentioned above, it is very plausible that 3,000 people visited our set during 5 days of our outdoor campaign. Teleportation itself carried 1,300 people as the lift can carry only 1~2 people at a time, but other people (such as friends and families of the participant) participated the campaign by joining the cheering crowd downstairs.

Are the people in the video really unsuspecting members of public?

People in the video were really random members of public who just came across the set.

How many people were involved in the party scene?   

If you are talking about our staff members, there were 30 people at the photo zone, 30 people at the goal, along with 1 anchor, 1 referee, 1 goal keeper, 20 supporters, and 4 camera staffs.

Did any adults push the button? Did they get “teleported” too?

Yes, some adults did participate and they got "teleported" as well. Nevertheless, due to the characteristic of the location itself where mostly the young people visit, two thirds of the visitors where late teenagers ~ early 20s. Due to the main theme of the campaign, we only captured reactions of young people in our official campaign video.


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