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Aug 12, 2019

NZ insurers AMI pitch 'a new kinda kindness'

Colenso BBDO helped the brand with its new positioning.

This is not the first emotive insurance ad Ad Nut has watched today. (Please see "NRMA sells insurance by pledging new koala homes"). There must be some prior knowledge going around that declares Monday the best time to release feelings-inducing campaigns. 

This 60-second TVC is from New Zealand's AMI Insurance and Colenso BBDO, who have helped the company with their new positioning around the theme of kindness. 

Ad Nut isn't quite sure that 'kindness' is what assistance from an insurance company provides in times of need. One has paid for insurance, after all. But the positioning does at least acknowledge that times when you need insurance are generally bad times, and it wants to be known as a caring and people-orientated brand rather than an all-too-familiar, form-filling, box-ticking, faceless type of insurer.

This is AMI making what they themselves describe as the "arguably brave move", to "stand up and publicly say that we put kindness at the centre of who AMI is", and it comes with fresh art direction and a new way of talking, using the colloquial "kinda" to talk about kindness. 

Ad Nut feels it is hard to say how effective this will be, when it runs across TV, online, OOH, newspaper and radio as planned. Probably the proof will be in the pudding: the brand says this is "not simply a marketing line but a position that our whole business is behind and embracing". 

Ad Nut waits in anticipation, but must point out that when telling the world that one's company wants to be known for a certain thing, it really does become more believable if there is proof of action to back that up. Reference NRMA, and the 'save the koala' volunteer programme that Ad Nut might just be joining soon, after spending most of the day spotting new friends on the Koala Cam


Client [Company]: IAG
Client: Valerie von Geldern, Marketing Manager AMI
Client: Divesh Bhula, Senior Segment Marketer AMI
Client: Diane Dickinson, Senior Customer Designer, IAG
Client: Peter Hall, Head of Consumer Marketing, IAG
Client: Renee Milkop-Kerr, EM Customer & Marketing, IAG

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Ric Cantor

Media Agency: PHD

Any other partners:
Voice over artist – Ben Baker
Music composed by Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper, Franklin Rd

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