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Aug 10, 2017

More ads should have death-defying stunts

Enough with the tearjerkers and moving family stories. It's time for APAC adlanders to do some stunt work.

Like all squirrels, Ad Nut is no great fan of the death-dealing terrors you people call cars. But seeing a car jump from the top of one truck to another (in this ad Chevrolet ad from Brazil by Commonwealth//McCann)? That's awesome, even though we know the stunt is controlled and the only thing really at stake is the $50,000 car. If we learned anything from Jean-Claude Van Damme, it's that stunt ads work. So come on, APAC advertisers and agencies, let's see some more action. 

Here's the other clip in this campaign:


Agency: Commonwealth//McCann
Client: Chevrolet
Product: Camaro 50th
Name of the campaign: Celebration
CCO: Washington Olivetto
Regional Business Lead: Martin Ortells
Creative Directors: Eric Sulzer e Fernando Penteado
Creatives: Flavio Tamashiro, Auguto Meira, Luiz Gimenes & Juan Perafan
Account director: Karol Alberti
Client service: Mariana Baldin, Mariana Zavanella, Laysa Andrietta, Roberta Magalhães, Ana Telles & Vinicius Barra.
Project Manager: Livia Dowding, Isabella Garcia, Gabriela Meira, Grazielle Paim, Nicole Canesin & Gabriela Perrenoud.
Planning: Ricardo Armbrust, Rafael Lavor, Caroline Haddad, Matheus Lacerda & Mariana Soares
Media: Ricardo Armbrust, Camila Moraes, Diogo Dias, Matheus Diegues, Camila Forti, Natalia Santos, Lucas Tatani & Daniel Couto
RTV: Rossana Noceloni, Thais Bonizzi, Luanda Silva & Flávia Lima
Art Buyer: Kathryn Collins
Social Media team: Paula Serio, Paula Horwatitsch & Vitor Zillo
Production house: Volcano Hotmind
Director: Giancarlo Barone
Executive Production: Enzo Barone
Director of photography: JR Junior
Art director: Ana Henriques
Client service: Daniel Chasin
Production Director: Giba Pereira
Fitter: Guilherme Peres
Sound Production: Lucha Libre Audio
Creatives: Paulo Corcione & Equipe Lucha
Production: Paulo Corcione & Equipe Lucha
Locution: Paulo Vasillescu
Client service: Thais Urenha
Client approval: Hermann Mahnke, Federico Wassermann, Daniella Martins, Barbara Wieland, Larissa Menescal & Danilo Feno

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