Eric Berger

Aug 16, 2022

Inside Moderna’s brand refresh

The company wants to emphasize its mission to deliver on the promise of mRNA science.

Jul 14, 2022

BTS' J-Hope names album Jack in the Box. Here's how ...

Of course, J-Hope’s favorite drink Sprite had to be involved.

May 17, 2022

Inside Pinterest’s Mental Health Awareness campaign

The campaign comes amid heightened scrutiny of the mental health effects of social media.

Apr 25, 2022

How Vaseline redefined its purpose behind ‘equitable...

The Unilever brand this month launched the See My Skin campaign.

Apr 10, 2022

#NoFilter: TBWA NZ fights against photo retouching ...

The effort comes amid growing public scrutiny about the role social media plays in mental health, especially that of adolescents.

Apr 7, 2022

Pinterest unveils climate misinformation policy

It’s the first among major platforms to create a policy specific to climate misinformation.