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Feb 3, 2017

Lee Jong-Suk stars in a really big role, alongside luggage

Samsonite ad encourages exhausted young people to pursue their dreams in a competitive fast-paced world. Or something.

This ad stars Korean hearthrob du jour Lee Jong-Suk, along with Tiana Tolstoi, whom we're told is "a rising fashion model drawing attention across the globe". There's also another young man, but he's apparently not important enough to be named in press materials. Judging by the flirty look Lee gives him toward the end of the spot, he may be the love interest.

Anyway, since it's not enough for a brand to make the sensible decision of having hot young celebs cavort around a fantasy setting in an eye-catching ad, please behold as the brand tries to convince us of this work's importance:

Metaphorically representing the highly advanced modern society as a metropolis laden with skyscrapers, Samsonite RED’s latest ad imagines how younger generations move towards their own dreams, similar to the free-spirited Lee and Tolstoi as they overcome fierce competition.


We hope the message in Samsonite RED's new ad will resonate with the young people and communicate the brand's authentic encouragement for those who are exhausted, to overcome and be liberated from the fierce competition in their daily lives.

I don't know about you, but Ad Nut may never get over the staggering brilliance of using a metropolis full of skyscrapers to "metaphorically" represent modern society. Verily, the brave person who made that intellectual leap was a genius of the highest order. And the ideas of "competition" and "exhaustion" come through so clearly in the video, that Ad Nut can't help but be moved by Samsonite's obviously deep empathy for the plight of the younger generation! Ad Nut is excited that Samsonsite has found such a noble brand purpose, which fits so perfectly with its line of receptacles for carrying stuff around.

Update: Ad Nut has been told that the agency is Innocean Worldwide.

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