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Apr 10, 2023

KitKat gets lazy, lets AI do the work in a new campaign

Wunderman Thompson uses AI to create a new KitKat ad. Now if only Ad Nut could follow suit in its reviews.

Ad Nut may be a simple squirrel, but even Ad Nut knows that letting AI take over the creative process is like letting a toddler loose in a candy store – messy, unpredictable, and likely to end in tears. But KitKat is apparently all for it, because, you know, breaks and stuff.

So, they fed some generic briefs to the AI, like “Write a KitKat ad the way Gen Z speaks”, “Write a KitKat ad about gamers”, and “Write a KitKat ad about the latest trends”. And what did the AI come up with? Some half-decent scripts that were used to prompt an image generator, resulting in “almost ok” images.

“The results weren’t perfect, but it meant the fingers everyone needed to lift were mainly chocolate ones.”

“AI is revolutionising our industry and beyond, but the reality is not every brand has something relevant (or fun) to say on that space,” Wunderman Thompson chief creative officer João Braga said.

“KitKat has breaks, and AI gives us more of those. So, we thought we’d have a crack at it ourselves and poke some fun at AI – while we can.”

Oh, how true, João. How true. And yet, here we are, letting AI run amok with our advertising campaigns.

While AI is many things incredible, but it's all a bit of a Wild West situation currently. Ad Nut's cynicism meter runs high if creativity jobs are assigned to new tech tools. Because, you know, AI is just a harmless little thing that couldn’t possibly cause any trouble. Right? 


Nestle, KitKat
Vice president – Global Category Lead KITKAT: Chris O’Donnell
Head of marketing Confectionary: Melanie Chen
Senior marketing manager (Chocolate): Shannon Wright
Senior brand manager (KitKat): Monique Ellis

Wunderman Thompson Perth
Chief creative officer: Joao Braga
Chief strategy officer: Mel Wiese
General manager: Annabelle Barnum
Creative director: Steven Hey
Creative director: Simon Koay
Group account director: Samantha Scheidler
Account manager: Francesca Brown
Senior producer: Siobhan Crawley
Editor: Alex Barnett

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