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Oct 13, 2021

In Vileda's 'Dancer', mopping the floor never felt so awesome

American dancer and influencer Erik Cavanaugh helps Gen Z get excited about cleaning.

There are some of us who actually enjoy cleaning. Most do not. Many loathe it. Back in the days when Ad Nut was in college with roommates, cleaning the tree flat was not fun. So we made it fun. The Saturday cleaning ritual was a grind. But when capped off with a nice almondy Amaretto martini with friends in a sparkling clean home, it became something to look forward to. 

So what to do if your brand is tied to a loathesome chore? Well, you can position your cleaning supply brand around the good vibes of a post-cleaning cocktail party a la Ad Nut (no charge for the free marketing strategy). But more often cleaning is actually a solo ritual done alone at home. 

So the wiser folks at mop company Vileda and agency Herezie took a different tactic to make cleaning more fun for younger Gen Z audience. The answer sounds simple. Bring in a celebrity influencer, which they did in featuring Erik Cavanaugh of America’s Got Talent to create a spot called 'Dancer'.

But it's in the execution that the film sizzles, giving a boring chore real pizzazz. This type of work is a great example of how a good creative team and great direction and production can set a piece apart from something that could easily look hollow and staged. 

Also props to the choreography, which takes the brand message 'It feels great to feel at home' to new heights. The key here seems to have been allowing Cavanaugh to fully participate in the creative conception, as we see Cavanaugh cleaning all his rooms by day and by night with both joy and sensuality.

As the agency's press materials explain: 

Erik Cavanaugh was the perfect choice for us. His irresistible dancing skills, his overwhelming positivity, his inspiring self confidence are the ingredients that make this film special. We worked very closely with him in deciding what the perfect moves would be, how to showcase the product’s performances in the best way, where to let his energy express itself, the surfaces, the lights, the colours, the set design, the stylism...basically...everything. It took one day of rehearsals and two days and one night of a truly exciting shooting to create this 'dance gallery'. 

The spot will run in Europe and Canada, but globally online, promoting Vileda’s new range of products (Turbo, 12 Spray Max, Stream XXL, Ultra Max). Sure, the products here perhaps take a back stage, but the alternative would be trying to excite Gen Z with a film like this one promoting Vileda's mopping products.

Yeah, Ad Nut thought you might agree—Vileda, Herezie and Grandma mopped the floor with this one. 


Agency : Herezie 
Group President : Andrea Stillacci
Executive Creative Directors : Paul Marty Etienne Renaux 
TV Prod Manager : Tanya Kozlova
Artistic Director : Rodolphe Pinta 
Copywriter : Rodolphe Pinta 
Account Manager : Marine Chenu 
TV Production : Tanya Kozlova

Production : Grandma 
Director : Pavel Gumennikov 
DOP : Vilius Maciulskis
Production designer : Kotryna Balciunaite 
Stylist : Juozas Valenta (FJ Wardrobe) 
Editing director : Paulius Zavadskis
Stills photographer : Audrius Solominas 
Executive producer : Linas Martinkenas 
Producer : Gerda Serbentaite
Post production producer : Domas Kuncinas
Music “SHOEBA - New Shoes” 
Written by: Andrei Mihai - published by Universal Music Publishing France Dorian Micu - published by hahaha productions
Produced by : Andrei Mihai 

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