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Aug 31, 2020

Deliveroo makes videos for 300+ HK restaurants

A social-media campaign spotlighting local eateries employed some clever tech to churn out more than 300 videos in just a few weeks.

Deliveroo, working with a local comedic musical act called Error, creative agency Noah Workshop and Production House Happy Birthday, has launched a social-media campaign in which more than 300 Hong Kong restaurants are getting their very own promotional video.

The campy one-minute videos feature the members of Error vamping either as themselves or as members of a fictional family. Production is still ongoing, according to Noah Workshop, and the final number of videos may end up topping 350. This YouTube playlist currently has 220 of them, the first of which appears above. The campaign is putting the videos into paid slots on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and the individual businesses are free to use them in their own social-media channels as well. 

While each video is unique, perceptive viewers like Ad Nut will see that various elements repeat in multiple videos. Noah Workshop confirmed (to one of Ad Nut's minions) that the team filmed 47 independent segments. The team developed a program to automatically compile those elements randomly into unique videos, with the same intro and outro, plus a shot of the restaurant's Deliveroo screen. Neat!

The campaign tagline claims there's always something in your neighborhood to feed any of '300 appetites', and the call-to-action entices new users with 14 days of free delivery.

If Ad Nut were going to place an order, vegan bubble-tea outlet Nuttea would be Ad Nut's first choice.


Noah Workshop:
Rachel Wong
Polly Ko
Charles Hong
Yu Chow
Tsing Chan
Charla Li

Video production: Happy Birthday
Director: Rick Chui
Producer: Irene Chan

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