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Feb 10, 2022

Condom brand goes for the soft sell

A new spot for Skyn condoms by UltraSuperNew Tokyo shows a couple engaging in a unique style of foreplay that involves marshmallows and other squishy items.

Condoms are usually associated with things that are hard, but a new ad for the Skyn brand is all about softness.

The online film by UltraSuperNew Tokyo shows a couple engaging in some unusual foreplay involving marshmallows, gumdrops and rubber boots.

That may sound kinky, but it's not NSFW, Ad Nut assures you.

The ad also talks about measurements, but not of what you may be thinking. It talks about measurements of 'softness', making a case that the brand's condoms are softer than all the items the couple uses in its odd frisky behaviour.

In press materials, the brand points out that the softness of "regular" condoms measures 3669 kPa (kilopascals), while Skyn condoms measure 467 kPa.

It's kind of weird that this apples-to-apples (or maybe Ad Nut should say eggplant-to-eggplant?) comparison did not make it into the film. It seems more pertinent than comparing the product to a gumdrop.

But in any case, Ad Nut is not really sure, from a scientific point of view, about using the kPa as a measurement of 'softness'. The kPa is a measure of pressure—often the pressure required to bend or deform a material. So it seems we're basically talking about the thickness of the condom—just like in most condom ads these days.

But the film is fun. And anyway, Skyn's aim is to drive sampling, so if you end up curious, then it's mission accomplished for the film. 


Creative Agency: Ultrasupernew
Creative Director: Yousuke Ozawa
Producer: Daiki Shimizu
Digital Producer: Mana Shigeki
Art Director: Rebecca Chen   
Copywriter: Ryo Motooka
PR: Zoe Brooks (Boo PR)
PR: Hinata Akiha, Iwasaki Riko (Material PR)
Production: Boomachine
Director: Marc-Antoine Astier
DoP: Christoph Gelep
Producer: Miyuki Maruoka
AC: Arnaud Sarniguet
Makeup: Kaho

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