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Feb 2, 2015

Ad Nut: Super Bowl special

Our resident collector of advertisements presents some of the spots that got the strongest reactions during this morning's Super Bowl.

Ad Nut previewed the Super Bowl the other day, but not all of the brands had the courtesy to release their ads ahead of time. Never fear, Ad Nut was on duty this morning and managed to avoid getting distracted by the game itself. The spots here seemed to get the strongest reactions on social media.

Our colleagues in the US also posted quite a few of the ads (and hosted a nice #CampaignSuperBowl party on Twitter). and you can of course find pretty much all the ads at YouTube's AdBlitz channel. Which advertiser won? Let us know your picks in the comments, on Facebook, or via Twitter @CampaignAsia.

Above: Loctite apparently spent its entire annual marketing budget on #WinAtGlue. Judging by early reactions, it won.


Fiat got laughs by playing off a certain blue pill.


Mophie went big, and caught ire from some Christians (although others didn't mind the joke).


Here's Bud Light's Pacman ad. Ad Nut would say it was a disappointment, but Ad Nut didn't expect much in the first place.


Will the wonders of Coca-Cola never cease? 


Here's Nissan, with one of several dad-themed ads that aired during the game. "Cats in the Cradle" seems like an odd musical choice. Or maybe perfect, considering the storyline here.


Toyota's dad ad did it a bit better.


Mindy Kaling won Ad Nut's nod of approval with this funny spot for Nationwide insurance (also starring Matt Damon).


Unfortunately, the other ad Nationwide Insurance chose to screen during the Superbowl was an all-out bummer buzzkill mean mean mean thing to do. Plus, insurance firms asking parents to take better care of their kids so they don't have to pay out is just bleh. 

Ad Nut wasn't the only one who thought so. 



Pierce Brosnan and Kia managed to make the prototypical car commercial amusing.


Kim Kardashian poked fun at herself for T-Mobile.


Always' got lots of likes for 'Like a girl'.


Compared with its past antics, GoDaddy played it straight. Too straight?


And finally, McDonald's unveiled it's 'Pay with lovin' idea. Could it be a turning point for a brand that really needs it?




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