Adrian Peter Tse
Jul 28, 2015

A new tampon campaign could help you 'face your fears'

AUSTRALIA - In an effort to tie Libra’s tampons to a bigger, coming-of-age story that has young Australian women “fighting their fears”, Clemenger BBDO has created another platform and associated content for users to share their stories.

Client: Libra

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Market: Australia

Name of campaign: ‘I am Fearless’

Campaign scope: TVC, online

Background: The campaign launched with a 30-second TVC, several digital videos and an online platform housing exclusive content from three of Libra’s brand ambassadors as well as real life stories from contributors from “all walks of life”.  The campaign will continue to unfold over the coming months. Libra has also updated its packaging to coincide with the launch.  

Press release quote:

Jenny Nolch, marketing director, Libra:

“Young women on the cusp of adulthood are experiencing a lot of firsts in their life – first job, first car, first flat, first day at uni. It’s both an exciting and a terrifying time. I Am Fearless is about inspiring these women to recognise that fear is a part of life and that moving outside your comfort zone is a big part of maturing as a person,” she said.

Paul Rees-Jones, executive planning director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne:

“It’s significant for a brand to be tackling real cultural, societal issues in a category that has historically talked product features and benefits in a somewhat juvenile manner.  When we talked to young women, they felt Libra had permission to do more. When we asked them about their fears they began to realise not facing fear was holding them back. Shining a light on those fears, acknowledging them and talking about them with people they trust didn’t make them disappear altogether, but it made them far easier to tackle and and learn to live with” he said.

Campaign Asia Pacific’s comments: This is yet another “user-generated content” campaign where you can create your own inspirational quote and share it—or rather pollute your own social media feed. The truth is that inspiration is cheap and inspirational quotes are even cheaper and scummier than ever. 

The so-called “ground-breaking platform” that Libra and Clemenger BBDO have created is yet another parallax-inspired, Pinterest-like webpage where people can share their mostly, clichéd stories and which goes around in circles with ideas like "you should live your life to the fullest". 

The question for the brand and consumer is: Do young women really need the brand to help them face their fears? And if so, is creating inspirational quotes really the best way to solve the problem?


Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Senior Copywriter: Hilary Badgar
Copywriter: Shannon Crowe
Art Director: Jackson Harper
Social Creative Lead: Chelsea Parks
Executive Producer: Sonia von Bibra
Executive Planning Director: Paul Rees-Jones
Digital Strategist: Christian Russell
Group Account Director: Naomi Gorringe
Account Director: Kate Joiner
Account Executive: Alex Mleczko
Interactive Director: Kate Thompson
Senior Digital Producer: Gemma Seeto
Digital Producer: Allan Ngo
Print Producer: Nick Short
Digital Designer: Adam Hengstberger
Tester: Sunny Sehgal
Technical Director: Gil Fewster
Senior Developer: Niall Rutter
Developers: Fork Digital

Production House: Exit Films (Megan Washington), Flare Productions (Sammy Veall, Miranda Tapsell)
Director: (Exit) Amy Gebhardt
Director: (Flare) Hilary Badger/Jackson Harper/Shannon Crowe
Producer: (Exit) Fiona Pakes
Producer: (Flare) Sonia von Bibra
Editor: (Flare) Sam Coates
DP: (Exit) Ari Wegner
DP: (Flare) Sam Coates
Post Production: Flare
Sound Design: Ralph van Dijk (Eardrum)
Sound studio: Flagstaff
Sound engineer: Paul LeCouter/Stevo Williams
Animation: Jacky Winter Group/Flutter
Artist: Andrew Archer
Director: Domenico Bartolo
Producers: Fushia O'Hara/Li Liang Johnson
Animation Studio: Flutter



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