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Dec 15, 2016

Photos: Cartoon Network's 'Move it Movement' in KL

Turner and AIA Vitality welcomed more than 8,500 people at a character-studded wellness event last weekend.

Turner staged its first ever Cartoon Network Move it Movement wellness event in Kuala Lumpur last weekend, presented by advertising partner AIA Vitality.

More than 8,500 kids and parents joined the event at Sunway Pyramid mall, where they played games, met Cartoon Network stars, and also learned how to know, improve and get rewarded for their health—in line with the key messaging of AIA’s Vitality programme.

An additional collaboration was brokered with Malaysian affiliate Astro in order to secure further promotion for the event. The event anchored a campaign that featured two months of communication across on-air and online platforms, and social engagement.


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