Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
Sep 2, 2016

Brandolympics 2016: Sina Weibo generated 95.84% of total countable buzz

Publicis Shanghai and Linkfluence offer social-listening insights into the branding side of the games.

23 August medal standing: During London 2012, Nike stunned the market with its

23 August medal standing: During London 2012, Nike stunned the market with its "find your greatness" campaign, which pioneered rapid-response marketing in China. Those were the days before WeChat, and social monitoring was not as robust as now. So Nike was using sheer willpower in a manual process to deliver the campaign. Fast-forward four years to Rio 2016, Nike’s competitors are ready to battle with Nike to gain social ground, but what Nike did was to introduce a full-on integrated campaign this time. There were ATL and BTL activities to work around this year’s "unlimited unleashed" campaign way before the Olympics started, evident from the dashes of hot pink and neon yellow (actually the main colours of their Olympic products) seen everywhere. On top of that, the brand's call-to-action this time was not just to trigger people to watch the games or to join conversations, but to unleash their own sporting power themselves. While their competitors are being more aggressive in social media this year, Nike has moved to higher ground, and yet in the meantime still sitting very pretty on top in terms of social buzz.

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23 August medal standing: ...
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As the 2016 Rio Olympics continues, the real action for our industry happens away from the podium, where brands are investing big money hoping to make an impression on billions of viewers. As a nod to that reality, Publicis Worldwide Shanghai and Linkfluence have partnered to compile a list of the actual brand-side winners in China.

The companies will release a series of infographics at regular intervals between now and 6 September. The infographics feature statistical analysis using Radarly, Linkfluence’s social analytics software, and based on at least 30 million conversations to be collected from over 200,000 Chinese-language sources, including Sina Weibo, WeChat public accounts, news media, blogs and forums. 

Questions to be explored: Which social topics broke through the noise and made an impact? Which athletes were the most popular, yielding the highest ROI for sponsors? What were people actually talking about?

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