Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
May 13, 2015

Wyeth's Illuma uses music for child-development via Spotify

HONG KONG - Seven or eight years ago, before the buzz of "content marketing" or branded playlists, Wyeth Nutrition used to give out CDs filled with music aimed at nurturing creativity in children.

Wyeth's Illuma uses music for child-development via Spotify

This time round, with a Spotify-based content marketing campaign booked by OMD and managed by Pixels, Wyeth Nutrition has taken on the task to make its 'brand soundtrack' available to everyone on any device.

The latest campaign by Wyeth Nutrition's Illuma brand is aimed at "unleashing children’s potential with music", according to the press release. 

While this sounds like a PR spin, Wyeth took the extra step of asking Bettina Wan (a music therapist registered in Australia) to curate the five playlists for Illuma from Spotify's music library of more than 30 million songs. 

Wan's research, said the release, has found that a music-rich experience for children from an early age can "carry serious benefits" as they progress through their childhood. 

The five playlists cater to different child-education themes: the Natural Thinker playlist for cognitive and mental development; the Expressive Performer playlist for literacy and language skills; the Affectionate Companion playlist for social-emotional growth; the Boundless Adventurist playlist for creativity stimulation; the Melody Shaker playlist for physical movement.
Illuma's efforts have gone a step further than other branded playlists (such as Fwd Insurance) that does not have a certified expert curate the songs.
Not just jumping on the content bandwagon

According to Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels, the recent 2015 Hong Kong Advertiser’s Association adspend report saw 80 per cent of local marketers ranking content marketing as the hottest trend.

However, Clarence Chung, general manager of Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong, told Campaign Asia-Pacific that Illuma is not just following a fad.

"Music has been universally used for a long time as for child development," said Chung in an interview. "Also, the digital environment is an organic one for Hong Kong parents. They are already relying on digital from an information-seeking perspective to share tips on raising these small human beings."

Wyeth, he added, will continue to invest in content marketing. "Illuma is positioned not just as a product, but a partner for parents with music as a tool."

This strategy also ties in with Wyeth’s overall brand goal of helping parents as well as their children. For example, the integration with Spotify makes the music accessible anytime anywhere. "We understand the content provided must be useful for a parent and child."

The Illuma launch campaign is supported by ad placements on Spotify using formats like homepage takeover, display and audio ads. Facebook paid posts, EDMs and search marketing will drive traffic to the Spotify branded playlist.


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